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Collaborative Research: Managing Stress in the Workplace: Unobtrusive Monitoring and Adaptive Interventions 

Collected, processed, cleaned, and single-handedly ran the data analysis of experimental physiological data to measure stress through different office workplace tasks, specifically within report writing and report presenting. Analysis included data visualization of stress signals and normalized stress level differences in box plots, natural language processing to determine sentiment and token type of subject responses, hypothesis testing and ANOVA to determine significant differences in physiological measures, and advanced linear models to explain what factors explain changes in stress levels. The full Github repo is available here for all script and report viewing. The poster generated post-research can be viewed here. UPDATE: The paper is finally out and can be viewed here

Did Someone Get Robbed at IIT Today?

Using the SODA API via the Chicago Data Portal, I analyze the most-recent crimes that occurred on the Illinois Institute of Technology campus using data analysis, visualization, and mining skills. The site is a great place for Illinois Tech students to view past crimes locations, times, and statistics to better improve their safety rather than the current IIT Alert method that is inconsistent and very barebones. Most importantly, the site answers the most important question of our generation: Did Someone Get Robbed at IIT Today? 

Data Mining Portfolio (.pdf, .ipyb)

Compilation of original work from a senior-level data mining course at the Illinois Institute of Technology. Work includes reccomendation systems, clustering, principle component anaylsis, and more.

Library Database Web Application

This front-end web application runs on a Tomcat server connected to a MySQL database server to produce a user-friendly front-end web application that allows users to see accounts, books checked out, student schedules, and more based on their priveledge level. There are four security levels: parent, student, teacher, and administator. Each privledge level gets the same site but with different functionailties. For example, an administrator can update a student’s book rental details while a student cannot, and a parent can only see account details for his/her student while an administrator can see all accounts. The database is updated in the background and presented to the user in a controlled fashion using MySQL syntax. Comes as a .zip file with a WAR project and MySQL database dump.

Basic MySQL Interpreter

Java file that reads and processes a CSV file of the user’s choosing and allows the user to implement basic SELECT statements including the GroupBy and Having statements with basic aggregate functions such as SUM, MAX, MIN, COUNT, etc. This project was built for a small assignment in a Database Organization class at the Illinois Institute of Technology with three additional teammates. File comes as a JAR file. 

Code415E Source Code

My ultimate pride and glory. This is a text-based, Zork-like game built in Java during my senior year of high school and slowly expanded upon and refined since then. This demonstrates my understanding of Object-oriented Programming and some real fun conditional statements that lead to what the New York times calls a riveting story full of multiple endings, secret paths, cheat codes, and characters that you instantly fall in love with. Okay fine, you caught me – they didn’t really say all of that; just most of it. If anything, this game is just a fun pastime for when you’re bored and hate GUIs. Comes as file including a platform-specific shell-script, Java installation instructions, and a JAR file armed with the actual code. 

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