These Bored Apes Do Not Exist

Since leaving ShopRunner in July of this year, I have wanted to spend some free time training up a GAN from scratch and doing something neat with the results. I had some initial ideas for applications for this, but never fully got around to doing them. 

And then NFTs happened. It turns out that when you are fueled by a desire to do something petty, anything is possible. 

@juuqnft Reply to @79vet good try but sadly doesn’t work that way… #fyp #foryou #NFT #nfts #nftart #nftcommunity #nftgame #xyzbca ♬ Blade Runner 2049 – Synthwave Goose

Today, I am excited to publish a blog post where I not only get an excuse to train up a GAN, but get to make crypto bros angry. 

I’ve published this blog on Medium, but I’ve disabled ads on the article, so you should be able to read it on there for free. Enjoy! 

These Bored Apes Do Not Exist

Training a GAN to generate Bored Apes just to spite Jimmy Fallon.

All the code used in this blog post can be found here, and all the generate Bored Apes (in all their GAN glory) can be found at

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