who am i?

None of your business.












































































Oof. You saw the bar on the side was small, indicating there was a lot more to this page down below, so you decided to start scrolling down? Yikes, I wouldn’t want to waste my time if I were you and keep going…






















































































You’re still scrolling? Good for you. Too bad there’s really nothing at the bottom of this page.


































































































i would stop now if I were you… 




























































































































Impressive – I admire your persistence. Here’s what I look like:


That’s right – I’m just some guy. More specifically, I’m a data science student at the Illinois Institute of Technology and would love to get a job that allows me to make a positive difference in the world. Like you, I would scroll to the end of an infinite webpage if that meant finding answers to lingering questions, and I bring that exact mentality to my work with data science. And now you just read that entire metaphor and gained nothing from it. Life works in mysterious ways.