Super Chano Bros. 79 – The Game

Press the green flag to start and use the arrow button or ‘WASDcontrols to play. CLICK HERE TO PLAY THE GAME FULLSCREEN or play below in the minimized version (doesn’t work on mobile just yet, sorry guys – college students are busy). IGH!

This game took hours upon hours to make and remix into the current game it is. Thank you so much for playing it and I hope you enjoy it. This game was built with music from 8-Bit Universe on YouTube and Chance the Rapper with design lead by my good friend Narkis. By the way, if you are Chance the Rapper then wow this is an honor please accept this gift for a simple retweet for this game wow thank you again and I will literally cry and give you my first born but I promise I’m pretty cool like I’m not creepy or anything I’m completely normal just a fan I swear man mad respect.


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