A few days ago I went onto my Apple Music to see the red, blurred cover of YG’s new album, Still Brazy, exclusively available early. I didn’t even know there was a second album in production, so naturally when I saw it:

    1. I rolled my eyes due to the title. What a dumb title. Who doubted you were brazy? Who said, “YG is old now. He is not brazy.” I’m confused and you have an album to name and this name encapsulated the initial thoughts of the album as well as the plot of the album as well as the overall outlook of the tone of the album and you really want to name it this what a waste of digital ink.
    2. Looked at the scariest f*cking picture of YG I mean look at how f*cking scary he looks like who thought this was a good picture of him? Seriously. What even is this? Screen Shot 2016-06-19 at 12.23.06 PM
    3. I immediately thought back to My Krazy Life – a honestly pretty-good project where DJ Mustard actually shows he chops as a producer. I thought to myself: “I need to listen to this project A.S.A.P. Rocky!”
    4. I got excited.
    5. I got hungry.
    6. I closed the music app.
    7. I ate some pizza (true story).

Three days went by before I remembered about the album and made a conscious effort to listen to it in my car.

My friend, Narkis, told me that YG is the poor man’s Kendrick Lamar, so in extension, My Krazy Life is the poor man’s good kid, m.A.A.d city. In that regard, I suppose Still Brazy is the dirt-cheap poor man’s To Pimp a Butterfly (with the spoken word-driven story, strong black-message, and funky beats of course). I’ll come right out and say it – I enjoyed the album! But at some point, I was looking for something different than My Krazy Life only to receive My Krazy Life accompanied by a scary picture of YG.

Let me explain.

This album takes the good parts of My Krazy Life and replicates it in such a way that the audience isn’t bored, but it’s nothing new. For me, it’s simply what I come to expect from YG. We start out with a nod to the former album with “Pops Hot Intro,” which again, feels derivative and not substantial enough to justify into its own track, but I’m not yet complaining.

The first part of the album tells the story of YG getting shot outside of his studio (which, after many hours of intense research, I found out actually happened, but it wasn’t anything too serious – the biggest injury YG suffered was mentally as he still needs to see a therapist because of the incident [which to me, does not sound too brazy]). “Don’t Come to L.A.” is a banger just like “I Just Wanna Party Is,” especially with its many feaures and similar beats. In fact, let me mention this now: THE F*CKING BEATS ON THIS PROJECT ARE THE EXACT SAME AS KRAZY LIFE. EVEN TWIST MY FINGAS AND FDT HAVE VERY SIMILAR BEATS SO MUCH TO THE POINT WHERE I AM SERIOUSLY SUSPECTING THAT YG JUST USED THE SAME BEAT FOR FDT FOR A DRAFT VERSION OF THE SONG AND LIKED IT SO MUCH THAT HE JUST STRIPPED IT DOWN TO THE BASS AND SNARE OF THE BEAT AND SAID “F*CK ME MATE THIS SOUNDS LIKE A BANGER!” “Who Shot Me,” despite its simple chorus, is one of those songs that makes you shake your head in slow motion because it’s hitting that special part of your soul. I really, really like that sitar-guitar in the background accompanied by the chorus, which is consistently amazing throughout the album.

Then I begin to lose interest, as the songs start to blend in with each other with YG’s flow not changing, the subject matter not changing, and oh, those damn beats staying the same (mustard on the beat ho). Even though I like the album’s lead single, “Twisters Ma Fangerz,” it all sounds too similar with nothing interesting to say. I respect YG for getting shot and then walking that very day, but I also respect my ears and my mind enough to not want to hear it that many times. Vegans get the stereotype that they always have to tell everyone that they are a vegan, well in this case, YG is the vegan of being shot but ending up being pretty okay physically.


Then, BAM! (pun intended), “Gimme Got Shot” has YG changing his flow accompained by this chorus going “GIMME GIMME GIMME GIMME GIMME GIMME GIMME GIMME” I mean at this point I just bust out with those gimme gimme’s and I’m closing my eyes and I’m putting my hands up (while driving) acting like God himself came down to Earth and said “And let it be lit” and so it was lit in my car because I’m banging this song at volume 32 which is super loud but I don’t care because the windows are closed and I can’t hear sh*t except some gimme gimmes and damn that song is funny as hell too like I fully endorse this song.

Then let me fast-forward a bit through the album. Weezy gives a good verse for Lil Wayne. Another song with Drake (like “Who Do You Love?” from My Krazy Life) only his verse is as good as Views (not good). YG is bool, balm, and bollective (again, another eye-roll). She wish she was a ni**a (seriously don’t think I understand that one). Then I guess YG wakes up and listens to a Donald Trump speech and just loses his sh*t.

The highlight of the album: FDT. Wow. Mind blown. In a really serious light, I want to say that this song is insane on so many different levels: you have two different rappers from different gangs coming together to encourage people who normally wouldn’t care to vote but saying that they need to vote for anyone besides Donald Trump because he is cancerous to America (almost a direct quote from the song). Even though it got censored a bit from the single version, it is still a really good song and I have mad respect for him and Nipsey to voice their true opinion like that.

yg-nipsey-hussle-fdt-2-600x430Then the album starts to blend in again and just when you’re about to tone out, the album finishes. I’ve listened to it a few more times in its entirety and I can even further endorse this review. I personally like YG and his projects, but this album doesn’t take any risks (besides FDT) and doesn’t fray off of the path its predecessor set.

When it comes to a verdict, My Krazy Life was a pretty enjoyable album; nothing too crazy amazing, but nothing to sneeze at. If you liked that album, listen to this: it takes My Krazy Life and re-presents it in a way that feels not not-fresh. If you didn’t like My Krazy Life, stay away. If you’re a Republican, stay for the first-half then go away. If you’re a liberal, you might as well listen at least once, especially to FDT.

6 brazys / 10 brazys

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