iOS 10 Developer Beta 1: Is it Buggy?

Buggy rating: 78% (C+)


I remember as a very stupid kid using a workaround to download iOS 7 Developer Beta 1 onto my phone. iOS 7 was revolutionary in terms of change, as it not only added functionality, but changed the entire look and feel of iOS. I was so excited to use it, but once it finally downloaded, I realized: this was by far the most buggy software of all time. My phone overheated, randomly shut off, wouldn’t make phone calls, I couldn’t text, my music would delete at will, and that just scratches the surface. THAT was a 98% on the buggy rating. iOS 10 Developer Beta 1, on the other hand, I have decided to download onto my iPad for not as much use as my critical phone. For the first developer beta, I am not expecting perfection, but just barely usable.

iOS 10 DB1 is, luckily, usable, but it has its shortcomings. The redesigned music app looks beautiful but in exchange often crashes or takes abnormally long times to fetch my music. There will be songs where I am reading along with the lyrics and suddenly they disappear and never come back (even until this day, which I’m quite confused about).

The messaging app looks much nicer but is super laggy. That’s likely because Apple jam-packed so many functionalities into the app that really aren’t too useful. Hand-drawn messages will be cool for a day and the Apple Watch sketch applet will be cool for a minute. I would trade those in for a faster messaging app since that is mainly what I use my phone for. But, I got to say, the emojification tool is perfect; that is the highlight of this update in the end. I hate the lock screen interface. Those widgets are pointless and I don’t want them on my home screen. After 9+ years of being told to swipe to unlock, pressing the home button to unlock seems incredibly counter-intuitive. I hope they make an option for users to keep the slide functionality. Nonetheless, the notifications themselves look very nice thanks to the update and are much more functional.

Apple’s other default apps haven’t changed too much and they aren’t too bad bug-wise. Apple’s news app looks much nicer but still isn’t fully realized quite yet (though it’s much, much closer now with subscriptions and looks stunning).

As far as bugs go, I’ve had my iPad shut off randomly and take an extended amount of time to turn back on, portrait mode becomes locked even though it isn’t (only restarting the device fixes this), Night Shift turns on when it says it isn’t on which is quite confusing for my eyes. I don’t see the point in having an alarm that tells you when to go to bed unless you are five. Everything aside, occasional crashes and weird glitches are expected. With that in mind, iOS 10 works pretty well and looks nice. It’ll take some getting used to and some extreme bug-crunching, but for a first beta, it does its job.



BUGS: 68%

OVERALL: 78% (C+)


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