My First Blog

Hello, my name is Nathan Cooper Jones and I just spent a ton of money on this website that I don’t even quite know what to do with entirely. A few days ago, I began to worry that if I did not buy my domain,, someone with the exact same name would swoop it from under me, and on the whim that I might need it one day for whatever reason, I thought it best to buy it as soon as possible (which I did a few days later when I remembered – I tend to forget important things quite quickly). On an impulse, I decided to buy the domain name and a hosting service to set up my WordPress site. And now I’m here, building this site around midnight.

So what do I intend to do with this site? Mainly, I want to have a creative outlet to share some of my opinions and ideas while showcasing my technical savvy side and show that I can actually build and maintain a pretty functional site. How I’m going to do that I don’t quite know, but I suppose it’s one step at a time for something like building a website from nothing. The best place to start is here – my first blog. Who knows what is to come!

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