1: +.606

Pro. lee absolutely did a great job at lecturing CS450, he did review all the basics before you get started to work on the OS, the only down side is that he did not spent enough time to lecture file systems instead spending too much time on concurrency.

2: +.315

Awesome lecturer. He teaches by doing so any question you have and he'll show you why intuitively by walking through the code. His excitement in class makes you want to listen, participate and learn.

3: +.168

His teaching style makes you enjoy the class. Worth starting labs earlier, since they are not typical easy programming assignments. Hell make sure everyone understands the topic. Do the labs, since they worth 50 points.

4: +.307

This class is absolutely coding heavy, there are 4 heavy lab assignments which contains at least 300 - 1000 lines of codes each. If you are familiar with C languages, especially the usage of pointers, you have no problem to ace this class. There are only several concepts you have to implement with the C lang. Good luck!

5: +.084

He is a great teacher but his tests and labs are hard. You gotta devote time to his classes, they aren't easy A/Bs. Upsides: Reallllyyyy easy on the eyes, cares about whether his students learn or not

6: +.805

Saelee is by far the best teacher/professor I have ever had. He's obviously extremely passionate about computer science and is the most knowledgeable professor I've ever had. He is the most confident speaker/presenter I've seen as well which makes students very attentive/excited to learn in class.

7: +.348

SUUUUUUPER energetic, his structured in a way that its actually fun to attend. He himself is a good teacher. Only complaint is that he expects ppl to have a certain background knowledge even for an introductory course.

8: +.392

Really good at lecturing and taking the time to make sure students understand the topic. Always eager to help students outside of class as well. Really funny, too. There were only labs, a midterm, and a final for grades. Labs were 50%, midterm 25%, and final 25%. The labs were tough, so get an early start on those. Have fun!

9: +.396

Great professor. Lectures are very involved and aren't boring in general. Labs are basically self graded so you know what grade you're going to get before you turn it in. Seems to care about students and is always willing to take questions. In general the professor is very nice and the class was great, would recommend.

10: +.159

He is very patient to his students, even if you ask about very conceptual or primary code design on his class or on office hours(I always do), he will give you a very good insight to the problem instead of rephrasing the problem statement. In a word, nice-guy.

11: +.580

The intro to the profession CS is basically not graded if you take Lee, he exposes you to a bunch of different material and projects from different areas of CS but the pressure of doing well is nonexistent. Super fun, personable teacher.

12: +.209

Clearly passionate about CS as a subject and wants students to understand. Pay attention to his lectures and you really will learn a lot. Beware, exams are multiple choice. Main frustration came from very slow grading time -- he graded 90% of our labs only a couple of days before the final.

13: +.228

If you do the labs & quizzes, all you need is a 70-75 on the final and you've earned yourself an A. Moreover, every exam replaces the grade of the previous exams (granted that it's received a higher grade). Pay attention in this class, it's very important for all CS/CE majors.

14: +.310

Lectures are great. Labs are checked using unit testing, so you're pretty much guaranteed full credit as long as you can make your code pass. Tests are multiple choice and aren't too hard as long as you understand what was taught in class.

15: -.223

Isn't clear whatsoever about grades, assignments, lectures and much more. Overall, bad teacher.

16: +.425

Amazing lecturer, well-spoken kind person. He recognizes that the material is difficult and explains things very clearly. The class is interactive and he is responsive to what the needs of the class are (ie extensions). He also posts helpful videos that are hugely beneficial to completing machine problems which contain helpful hints in themselves.

17: +.297

HE IS HOT. Also a good teacher. Easy A. Just attendance matters.

18: +.587

CS100 Fall 2015 - the best of the best. Very clear and coolest professor you'll ever meet.

19: +.270

Dude is a great instructor. He is really chill and loves joking around with you. You will learn a lot while enjoying the class. It is really interactive too. Also he drives a sick motorcycle. I asked him if he was inspirational and he said no.

20: +.251

He's a great lecturer. He's very funny and easy to listen to. He keeps things interesting but his lessons also feel very linear and intuitive. Whatever textbook he tells you to get, do it. You won't have homework from it but the info is vital. He's way nice. And way better than I would be at tolerating stupid questions that were JUST answered.

21: -.092

Reingold was funny, I admit. However, he does tend to cross the line when his comments begin to sound more rude and insulting than anything. He really understands the material at hand but is unable to answer simple questions that we find confusing. If it is too trivial for him, he dismisses you. And if he does answer, he makes sure to insult you.

22: -.079

PROS: He's a nice guy, he's funny, he posts lecture notes online, and questions from those lecture notes may show up on exams. CONS: His exams are INSANE!!! They do not reflect his homework assignments. One of our exams had a class average of around 40%!!! OVERALL: You'll learn a lot, but avoid him if you value your GPA.

23: +.998

He is one of the best IIT professor, clear and well-prepared lectures, clean logic, follow him you did learn more than you imagine!

24: -.068

To be honest, he is an intellectual and nice professor that he is trying to explain every questions students asked about, but many times those questions are quite trivial to give the answer back that you can see many previous posts blamed him for. But his grading policy is very strict, such as 25% of the people got A and rest of them got others.

25: -.231

To be honest once you learn how he structures his exams and print out the notes and previous exams to take in with you the exams are not impossible. HOWEVER he is extremely rude to students, especially if you raise your hand and get something wrong that he thinks is "utterly trivial".

26: +.030

Reingold is a great professor, but don't mistake this as a metric for how easy the class is. He knows what he's talking about and is able to explain it well (most of the time). However, his weekly homework assignments take a lot of time and his tests are hard. If you take this class with him you'll learn a lot, but it'll be a miserable time.

27: +.017

Reingold's class has given me the single most hostile learning environment I have ever been a part of. This class requires a ridiculous amount of effort -- the homework assignments can take several days to complete, a higher workload than all of my other classes combined. Makes fun of students in class and is incredibly condescending. Do NOT take!!

28: -.102

He teaches like we are Masters students, those who get the subject, get it;those who dont get it stay like that for the rest of the semester. He is not approachable, is mean and insensitive. Dont really know what to expect in terms of exam questions. Read the book, refer to material on the internet and teach yourself. Exams very hard but curved

29: +.100

He wants you to know everything before hand. You should be an expert to take his class.

30: +.000

Teaches in class from "Introduction to Algorithms" , HW from "Algorithm design" and exams "Art of c programming". Nothing fancy nor great! You cannot learn much if you are not good in algorithm before. Here, to learn intro to algorithm you have to be expert in algorithm first! Every week course become tougher and you will be succumbed at last!

31: -.054

He got confused sometimes in the lecture. There're only homework (no exams), and this class required a lot of reading. It usually took more than 1 day to finish one homework.

32: -.065

Reallyhave to put in too much effort, Masters students dont have that much of a luxury, it may be easy if it was during a phd. Tough exam questions. Hard to score. Relative grading.

33: +.327

He tries to make topic more and more interesting for the students. If you do not love algorithms, think twice before taking any of his advanced classes. Teaching style is very elegant, and you won't get bored even in a 3 hours lecture. Experience does matter a lot, and he proves it every time.

34: +.397

Prof. Reingold is really smart and he gave us pretty tough exams. Trust me, the average is about 35 out of 100 but you can get an A if you reach 60. The materials are hard but the grades are pretty good. He curves the final grades so you can get an A if you are the top 30%. Don't miss the chance to enjoy his classes.

35: +.044

Professor Reingold is incredibly smart and his material is tough! I love him for the fantastic methodslogic he taught us, but it was not easy bringing my grade from an F to an A! He is the first teacher I have felt I could *not* ask for help on the subject, so my suggestion to you is to get used to teaching yourself on a whiteboard!

36: +.546

Clear explanation of concepts, funny, nice and helpful prof. Gave me great advice about grad school - thanks! Makes class fun with jokes and little bugs for extra credit if you catch him out.

37: +.193

E. Reingold is very good professor. You need to study the text book a lot if you are taking his class. The thing I liked him is he takes 3 exams. So we don't have to remember the whole syllabus in the final exam. Grades are curved.

38: -.200

Avoid this professor, if possible. He's not great at explaining concepts or answering questions; he assumes that you understand what to him are basic concepts. If you have to take his class, read the book a lot, and use the tutoring center. It's possible to pass, but this won't be your favorite class unless the topic is already your fav.

39: +.268

He is a nice prof. Knew what he was talking about and was fair with the grading. I totally recommend this class to everyone who do not have a lot of knowledge about theory and algos.. He is cool

40: +.105

Different than most IIT profs -- more similar to large university lecturing prof. Presents the lecture material every class and the rest is up to the TA. Extremely tough prof, even by other profs' standards. Grades are curved - highest grade sets the limit. He is a nice guy though and will help you if you need.

41: +.390

Although I liked him, I don't think I could have kept up with the class if it wasn't for my fantastic AP Calculus teacher in high school. Again, he is a great guy, but if you actually want to learn the material, you will need to teach yourself. Also, he doesn't enter grades till the very end which is kind of stressful but he hands back graded work.

42: +.265

Good guy. 10/10

43: +.051

Easiest grade ever, but I didn't learn ANYTHING. Dif. eq. is the most important mathematics course for engineers and now I'm having to re-learn everything in upper level MMAE courses.

44: +.465

Very nice professor. He is an extremely lenient grader and on top of that the quizzes and exams are just problems he goes over in class. He has one webassign due every week but extends the due date at the end of the semester so you can make up most of it. Only have to do 50% of homework to get the full homework credit, the rest is extra credit.

45: +.226

Easy grader, ok teacher. If you have taken Calc before, and don't want to do that much work, he's your guy. However if you have never taken calc or are not that confident in your skills, I'd go with another teacher bc Miranda is bad at answering questions and kind of gives up on them. Otherwise, its a pretty fun class.

46: +.358

Easiest grader I've ever had

47: +.398

He explains very clearly, he is very helpful. If you miss class he is understanding so long as you know what he is teaching. He sincerely wants us to learn he can also be humorous at times. If somethings not clear he would go over it many times. QUALITY LECTURES!!!

48: +.591

Miranda is a very nice guy, he is willing to help you and is always very cheerful and positive. You wont learn much from his lectures, you have to teach yourself the content if you truly want to learn. This class is an easy A, if you're looking for that hes your guy. If you really need to learn the content of the course id go with someone else.

49: +.156

I took Miranda for both Calc 2 and Diff Eq. Not the most amazing of lecturers, but he makes up for it with being an easy grader. He pulls quiz questions from problems he went over in lecture, and then all of his exam questions are from those quizes (numbers may or may not be changed). Lots of easy points and extra credit in his class. TAKE HIM!!

50: +.214

Miranda is awesome. During lectures, make sure to write down EVERYTHING he does, and you'll do fine. Quizzes every Friday and you're allowed an index card of notes. He's a lenient grader and gives partial credit for everything. Tests aren't cumulative. Attendance taken for every class, but he makes himself available outside of class too

51: +.538

He really is not a good teacher, but he is a super easy grader, always giving generous partial credit. I have a B in DiffEq and I have no idea what I'm doing.

52: +.375

His lecture notes are very comprehensive and if you write down exactly what he does and study from it, you'll get an A because his quizzes are the same as is example problems. The webassign will be enough to study for the tests, just go to class and take notes, he's the easiest most generous grader at IIT.

53: +.234

Miranda is a great teacher, if you come to class everyday you will understand his material. There is weekly quizzes and homework assignments, but if you do the homework, the quizzes should on par with the homework. Doing 50% of homework gets you an A in homework, doing the rest would result in extra credit. Would recommend this teacher to anyone.

54: +.062

If you can take Jesus Miranda for any math course, DO IT. You would have to try with some effort to get anything lower than a B. In other words, you will probably get an A. The homework is straight off Webassign, and he doesn't make it too difficult. His grading on tests is VERY lenient. Take him if you want an A.

55: -.002

BEST CALC 2 PROF YOU CAN GET AT IIT. Barley any hw. Notes are quizzes and quizzes are notes. So when exam time comes, youve seen almost EVERY question either on a quiz or in notes. I think its impossible to get anything lower than an 85 in this class tbh. And you are straight lazy if you dont get an A. Im not mathy AT ALL and I got an A EASYYYYYYY

56: +.185

Classes are to the point and well explained. Prof Miranda is an extremely nice person, which in itself makes everything so much easier. He allows equation sheets in exams. Gives weekly homework. The course was a breeze. If you read the text and pay attention to lectures, solid understanding is guaranteed. The Prof also adds humour to the mix. :)

57: +.178

Great professor. Roasts kids all the time. Quizzes/exams aren't very difficult if you do the homework. Exams are questions from quizzes + some questions from sections covered between quiz and exam. Great course overall.

58: +.417

I can't believe nobody has rate Miranda! He's an awesome teacher. Very easy grading. His tests are just like the examples he writes in class, so copy copy copy and make sure you understand your notes. If you go to him for help he will break down the problem step by step, no matter how simple the step is. very helpful, makes math easy

59: +.320

Awesome Professor!! His coarse is organized and you know exactly what to expect. quiz every Friday to keep you on track and a pretty light homework load.

60: +.033

If you take him, you will pass, notecards on all test and quizzes, 2 tests (which he curves), and a final, the final is not cumulative, its just the stuff from test 2 through the final. Jesus is BOMB. He is always available to help, Mathematica is easy. With homework, if you do 50% of it, you get full credit and can get up to 200% in the HW sect.

61: +.280

Best computer science professor ever, hands down. He is thorough and puts 110% into his classes. He does assign a lot of work and makes you watch pre-lecture videos, but I learned more than anyone who had the other professors. 10/10 should take.

62: +.566

The labs are a big portion of your learning and grade, so hopefully you have a good TA!

63: -.195

This was the hardest class I have taken at IIT. I think its because he makes it hard. Don't take him. I actually thought he was great by seeing that he has a 4.0 on here but boy I was wrong! He gives out F's guys.. avoid, avoid, avoid. Good thing I only needed CS 104 and I wont have to take him again. AVOID.

64: -.021

Avoid HIM! Prof Matthew Bauer has no heart when it comes to the students. He is not I repeat not the best teacher I have had thus far. His tests are nothing compared to the practice tests he gives us. Tests are very, very tough. Computer Science does not have any great professors. Try to take this class at a city college especially if you are engin

65: -.007

He hasn't taught Java in a while so it was a little rough. He's a good guy however

66: -.207

Excited about CS, but it is way too much for first thing in the morning (104 is always at 8:30). Knowledgeable about Matlab, but I have heard from CS majors that he is not the best for other programming languages, specifically Java. He is a tough grader and likes to randomly call on people, so pay attention. He will answer email in 5 minutes.

67: +.493

Good professor, interesting class material. If you put in the work and understand HW you will do fine, but it does take quite a bit of work. Very fast grader. My only real complaint is that he seems unprepared for class occasionally (having difficulty answering questions from the notes) but this is not very often.

68: +.437

Simply amazing, I was taking MATLAB with him, which is not a hard code at all, but he made sure we understood every little thing. A passionate professor and a very skilled lecturer.

69: -.057

Labs are generally short. You have to watch a video every week and do a short quiz on BlackBoard about what the video covered. Only exams are midterm and final. Put some time into the final project or you'll get screwed over; it's 10% of your final grade, I think.

70: -.058

This guy is a robot. Has no heart and will not give any help once you start failing. He literally walked out of his lecture because people didn't want to answer his questions (keep in mind this is early in the morning)! If you can try to take CS105 or if you're a CS major try to avoid this guy.

71: -.122

He's a really accesible guy, you can write him an email with a question and you can expect a response within the hour. Although sometimes I felt like he didn't care. As for his class, he explained really good the material and gives examples during class and send the codes used.

72: -.095

Bauer's class was straightforward at the beginning, with the hardest part being the syntax needed to work Matlab. The end of the semester, however, was completely different. The final group project was challenging, and although he stated that he didn't expect us to get our codes to work, he was not at all generous with points.

73: -.041

He was absolutely no help whatsoever. He changed the curriculum like three times. His lectures and the lab had no correlation and he was really unclear when asked for help,

74: +.404

Straightforward class for learning basic MatLab. Attend class to get your questions answered. Quick to respond to emails as well.

75: -.129

Start of the class is really easy, but don't get over confident. If you start getting cocky and start failing, Bauer will toss you to the wind, he will NOT help you once you start failing.

76: -.048

This professor is VERY hard. He teaches as if everybody has had experience in this subject. He has very high expectations for those who have never dealt with JAVA before, let alone computer science. Don't take him if you are new to the CS world will not benefit your learning experience at all.

77: +.476

He's clear enough but goes really fast, so all the foreign students I feel don't even bother to listen in lectures. There's labs and small quizzes every week, all of which should be feasible if you paid attention and got help if you needed it.

78: +.000

easy but a lot to do in so little time

79: +.328

We're doing MATLAB and it seems like he speaks as if the entire class has had experience with it. He's very knowledgeable, but he doesn't know how to lecture in a way that students who aren't experienced can understand. His tests are had if you don't know the specifics of writing commands and using MATLAB

80: +.356

Easy and fascinating introductory course going over very basic principles of computing and the importance of the profession. Lots of speakers and hands-on activities such as the BYOB program and Lego robots. Professor himself is legendary on campus for his helpfulness and speedy email responses.

81: +.217

Wireless Networks - Great professor. Very knowledgable and passionate about her subject. You can tell from being in her class. Hands-on projects. I learned a lot about teamwork and subject matter from doing projects.

82: +.583

Quality teacher who is caring and kind towards anyone.

83: +.129

Honestly, it was easiest class I've ever taken and the grade relied on me paying her $10.00 cash and also me going to 2 lectures in Northwestern. Like come on man, is this even a class or is this just a scam. Because if it is, I fell for it. There's 8 McChicken's I'm never getting back wtf. Thanks mrs. hood...

84: -.613

She is a very easy teacher but rather disappointing for an ITP class.

85: -.127

The whole point of CS100 is to prepare you for the professional world of computer science. This class doesn't do that. Instead you form into groups and make pointless games on scratch or playing with remote control balls. Look up "Makey Makey" because that's another childish project you'll do. Simply put, this class is pointless.

86: +.350

Most of the grade depends on presentations and research paper. The professor is clear about her expectations. She pretty much explains what she needs from the students clearly in advance. If you follow her instructions, it is easy A.

87: +.210

Slow to post slides, but makes good slides... has a cool tablet. Can't always get the projector to work. Goes over material slowly. Does not make some concepts clear. Tries to be friendly and helpful.

88: -.228

Terrible teacher, I had her the first semester she taught and from others I hear that she has gotten worse each semester. The curriculum leaves you ill-prepared for CS351 taught by Lee. Labs and class time is wasted, she spends class time repeating herself and stubbornly waiting for the class to answer her questions that are often ambiguous.

89: -.485

Lously teaching style, unfortunately a necessary evil to get to 351 taught by lee.

90: -.088

Doesn't know what is going on. Stupid Legos. and takes asking her things for 2 weeks for her to clarify it well

91: -.026

Did not do a good job teaching this class, though she admitted it was her first time. She does actually care about her students, but her lectures are boring and unengaging, and the Lego lab turned out to be a minor disaster. I would not take her again for CS350, but she is likely to improve her teaching methods.

92: -.167

worst prof ever, doesn't know how to explain anything

93: +.474

I have no idea where the low ratings came from (maybe it's one or two disgruntled people who didn't do well), but professor Hood was articulate and helpful. The only complaint I have is that she (and the other professor for the course) were a little slow to post things online, but other than that I have no complaints.

94: +.320

This was Network Performance, a breeze. Little homework and one project of your choice at the end. As long as you participate (make jokes) in class on the pretty interesting material you should be golden.

95: .000

No Comments

96: .000

No Comments

97: .000

No Comments

98: +.109

She is the most wilful professor. Dont take any of her classes. She is always busy even if she is reading newspaper.

99: -.006

do not like international students. says its in your culture for whatever y

100: +.006

A very good course for those pursuing software dev/engineering but not a great professor. The final project will be something you can boast about but you will have to work for it. START THE PROJECT EARLY!! START VERY EARLY!!! The professor will only tell you what the project requirements are. You will have to learn almost everything yourself.

101: -.146

Worst professor ever. I breezed through my undergrad degree, all As and Bs in CS courses EXCEPT Virgil's. He treats the class like military school. His opinion DOESNT MATTER. I've been called a rockstar my whole career (10yr+), and am called an expert in my field. (Optimized BigData processing) Skip him. Your crushed spirit might never recover.

102: -.024

NEVER EVER CHOOSE HIM. WASTE OF UR MONEY & ENERGY. He never replies emails, gets confused himself often, and gives exam questions which he never talked in class and TA has no knowledge of. No transparency of his grading. If he is ever doing great in industry, he would have learnt to be responsible to students.

103: -.189

He's the worst professor ever. Doesn't grade well. Fails most of the people in his class. Doesn't teach, just plays a video and just sits in class. Never ever take a course under him.

104: +.017

Class was cs445, he tried to teach cs487. Dont feel I got my moneys worth on the object oriented part. Might have been better if hadnt missed more classes than he showed up for. Great that he has real experience... but he's out getting that instead of teaching.

105: +.299

Professor that has full-time business on the side. Therefore busy a lot, therefore has real experience, connections vs most of theoretical profs. Busy, but if you reach him - helpful. Exams are easy. PA's are hard. If you finish them - it is something to be proud of and part of showcase to land a good job. Overall: great prof to get real job.

106: +.358

Very passionate about the topic. Lots of work to do.

107: +.085

I took a similar course 10 years ago, and his course is superior by far. However, my 1 complaint is that besides the antagonistic attitude mentioned elsewhere, his exams are much harder than the labs or homework. Those with engineering backgrounds fair better in his course I think. Those from a CS background should look at alternative professors

108: +.259

Not sure where all these negative comments came from. He's been in the industry for many years and has a lot of knowledge to impart. He can be a bit blunt, but does not disrespect students. The labs were pretty straightforward and non-trivial. The book was hardly used at all. The exams were very easy.

109: -.035

His teaching is ok, but he does go out of topic alot. His PA's are okay, but you have very short time to finish it. It is not clear what exactly is coming in the exam, but they tend to be about stuff you learned throughout the semester.

110: +.201

"Big Attitude. Doubt he knows a lot. Made some good money here and there and is kind of a bigshot in the looserly CS dept. Exams/projects are *theoritically* related to the concepts. But he does not teach concepts very well in class. So good luck.... You probably have heard his reputation from others in the school." I totally agree with this HAHA!!

111: +.164

Big Attitude. Doubt he knows a lot. Made some good money here and there and is kind of a bigshot in the looserly CS dept. Exams/projects are *theoritically* related to the concepts. But he does not teach concepts very well in class. So good luck.... You probably have heard his reputation from others in the school. Try to avoid if you want to learn.

112: +.159

Virgil is rich. Now he teaches. He should go back to being rich.

113: +.159

The guy would be awsome if he ever showed up. I rate him so low in helpfulness because of his ignorance, he makes really cool class into**** by never showing up and not teaching anything cool.

114: +.331

Virgil is hard, but he's the best.

115: -.115

Horrible Professor. He didn't show up for the midterm. He really can't teach that well.

116: +.856

His projects are straight forward and he is an incredibly inspiring professor. MOst people don't like him because he is difficult, but trust me it's worth it for how well you learn!

117: -.143

Arrogant, pompous blowhard. And that's being nice. Treats his students with complete comtempt. Didn't even show up for the last month of class.

118: -.232

If he had bothered to show up for class, I would be okay with how demanding he is. But it's hard to respect anyone who doesn't respect the students.

119: +.252

This professor tends to talk about subjects not at all related to the class. He is eccentric, though when he actually teaches the course material it is easy to pick up.

120: -.038

Graded by a few things. The class average for "dreaded" quiz 2 was a "D" (30/50). A professor that goes over easy stuff in class and makes you feel good but quizzes and exams are very hard. Furthermore, you are only given a limited time on quizzes and exams. He crams everything into a couple of slides and expects us to know it for the quiz.

121: +.073

He is an amazing professor. Attendance is mandatory with a penalty for every class missed. His grading per project is very strict and requires everything to be in his described format. He gives amazing feedback and if you actually submit everything on time, it is easy to get an A.

122: +.328

His lectures are interesting because he throws jokes around like nothing. His lectures are really helpful for the quizzes and tests. There's 2 quizzes, 2 tests, labs exercises aren't graded, but you get full points for showing up to lab.

123: +.026

Hw was graded for completion and not accuracy so a lot of students try to coast, but realize it's a problem when they get to the final project. The quizzes and tests aren't too bad, but it's very easy to make a simple mistake. Doesn't actually use computers for tests. Final project was hard, but not impossible even if you haven't taken CS before.

124: +.409

While I think most students did well in this class, your grades will be very much correlated with the work you put in. If your skills in these areas are weak when you begin the class, and you show steady improvement and effort throughout the semester, you won't be penalized for your disadvantage- conversely, if they come easily, don't slack off.

125: +.212

He keeps things light hearted and if you read the textbook pages assigned and take notes in the terminology in class, you should get a good grade. You can pass with a B if you come to labs and don't read the book other than to do the homework, but the project at the end of the course will trip you up if you haven't been trying that hard.

126: +.847

Great professor, taught all material very clearly and made it easy to understand and keep up. Displays great passion for the subject and the classroom environment was great.

127: +.041

At first, he seems like a very good professor, explaining all the concepts. However, in the last three weeks of class, when we were learning the most difficult concepts, he cancelled lecture 2 or 3 times, making other students and I quite confused. This made the final project extremely difficult, as some concepts frequently used were not explained.

128: +.955

Really good

129: +.082

He makes morning classes not so bad and always has pneumonic devices. It was just hard for me because I had classes that needed more time and energy and didn't devote a lot to it

130: +.686

Professor Hanrath makes Java really easy to understand in this course. Some explanations seem confusing initially, but he is ready to answer questions whenever you have any. He made class very fun by making jokes and really made the material a lot more fun than you'd expect it to be. He created an interest within myself to continue studying CS.

131: +.247

His lectures are simply fantastic. Best professor I've seen so far. Lectures are a pleasant mixture of content and humour. Definitely builds up interest. Attendance is not mandatory but there's every single reason to go to class. I wish I could take his classes all through college.

132: +.137

He was and he was always open to questions. The weekly assignments are basically do it and you get the full grade, but that doesn't mean you should BS them because they help you in the end for the exams and project. The project is meant to help you study for the final, so if it is tough its because you didn't grasp the concept in the first place.

133: +.358

Professor Hanrath is an EXCELLENT teacher. His lectures are geared toward non-computer science majors, are fun, and easy to understand. If you ask questions, go to the weekly lab, and do the weekly assignments (even though he doesn't grade them), you will do well. If you want to start learning how to program, there is no better teacher or class

134: -.171

This class is way to much work for an introductory class that is ONLY 2 CREDITS. Such a waste of time. I totally would NOT RECOMMEND THIS CLASS. Take another introductory C++ class with someone else while you still can! The final project is death. Class is awful.

135: +.347

Professor Hanrath is the best professor for CS 115 by far! The exams are easy. Attend lectures and you are guaranteed an A. The final project was time consuming but it prepares you well for the final exam. An easy A.

136: +.539

Keeps lectures interesting, explains well. 1010 recommend, probably my favorite class and professor. Never had any background in CS but really makes you interested. Do your hw to understand the material!

137: +.693

Awesome, simply awesome.

138: +.554

Awesome professor. He makes it easy.

139: +.312

Great teacher. He posts all his notes online, so there is no need to take notes just listen. He explains everything very clearly and repeats important concepts. My only negative comment is that he does not let the students use their laptops during class even to take notes or type programs.

140: -.029

the class is not so good, as he teaches from his own slides. the information and the technology he teaches was used in 1980s

141: +.460

In two years of Master's studies and five years of PhD studies this is unquestionably the best--and most useful--course I have ever taken.

142: -.318

I wouldn't recommend the class, neither the professor.

143: +.577

Prof: Bob Carlson is probably the best professor I have come across. Very encouraging and creates a firm hope amongst students to do well.

144: -.117

I learned nothing in his database course. He taught off his own notes which we had to purchase at the bookstore. His book was just a bunch of xeroxed powerpoint screens. Considering the price per credit hour at IIT this class was a real waste of time and money. I still got an A, but I would have rather learned something.

145: -.289

class was lame

146: .000

No Comments

147: +.318

This is the coolest database professor in chicago

148: +1.170

Totally great learning experience.

149: +.354

Bill is a very respected, educated, and acknowledgeable individual in the computer industry. If you live in Chicago, good luck driving to the far campus in Wheaton. Bill will never email you back, even if you talk to him in person there is no communication. Bill should just hire somebody else for him, who can actually run a class and reply back.

150: +.029

The instructor makes an already difficult course harder by his archaic teaching methods and ridiculous exams. I would believe that the purpose of going all the way to the Rice campus was to allow student to conduct labs. Students, most times have to endure a 3 hr lecture which is nothing more than listening to the instructor read his slide deck.

151: +.236

Great class! The material in this class is up-to-date and applicable to current industry. Prof. Lidinsky is a good teacher but first half of the semester is very hard, after that is easier. Do your HW nicely ( read slides before doing it), prepare you self for hard and tricky Midterm(his review is very helpful). Recommend this teacher and the class!

152: -.005

Class is a homework marathon. Professor has a big ego and avg score on midterm is 63. Will not post lecture slides until after class, no syllabus provided, homework NOT graded in timely manner. Professor likes to play stump the chump and exams are all fill in the blank will put questions on exam that no one will be able to answer.

153: -.106

Very demanding class. Term long project, midterm, final, weekly homework, labs, multiple presentations and this class is ONLY held in Wheaton, IL and not recorded. Required class. Try to take this class with non-demanding easy classes.

154: -.076

Bill does not teach his courses toward current technology or industry trends (as he's supposed to according to the program description). He doesn't teach all of the topics that are listed in the syllabus, thus the student doesn't get a complete education

155: +.004

Mattox is very enthusiastic, but it wasn't a very good class. Exams were super easy if you just memorized how to solve the kinds of questions you got on lecture handouts. It's a shame, because the material is interesting and useful to understand deeply-but I felt like I didn't learn much, despite getting a good grade. Would prefer more challenge.

156: +.289

Best Prof ever

157: +.520

Best professor here

158: +.166

I love his teaching style. Essentially you were given one assignment a week (so you are not rushed), an in class explanation of how to do it, and a pdf on how to go about doing it. If you did the assignment, you would understand what was on his exams (which he essentially gives you the solutions to!). This is how college is meant to be.

159: +.031

Not only is Beckman a great professor, his class is an Easy A. The only difficulty is in the LabsActivities, which are done with Clojure. They are hard if you aren't proficient with the language, but you can submit them multiple times. Memorize the QDB, it is exactly what the exams will look like.

160: +.680

labs are confusing but lectures are easy

161: -.043

Professor changes and updates the curriculum every time he teaches it. Assignments are frequently canceled or delayed. There is no textbook, and the professor does all grading himself. Tests are trivial if you attend class regularly and complete the labs. It is expected that lectures are watch before class however, otherwise class won't make sense.

162: +.710

A great professor, really cares both about the subject and the students. The class is well-structured, clear, all materials are easily available and kept up-to-date. He has a very good sense of humor and a talent for explaining things in an interesting manner.

163: +.824

Material was pretty easy, but he made the class interesting. Also a very interesting guy to talk to outside of class.

164: +.332

Great professor. If you only show some interest, he will help push you to the edge :)

165: +.376

Great teacher. He will provide you the material you need in a very comprehensible way.

166: +.113

GREAT professor, very professional. I was very surprised as I am used to low quality professors here, but not this guy. all lectures were recorded and posted online and slides are clear if you have the videos. his website is constantly updated and labs are smart,easy. also he really knows what he's teaching. I wish all CS professors were like him!

167: +.448

Beckman will teach you anything you want to know, and lets the students have much more leeway in judging how to learn the material. He treats students as adults who are in college to learn, so if you exit class learning nothing, it's the student's fault entirely.

168: +.359

its hard to find a better professor

169: +.247

Beckman is an example of everything a professor should be. Lectures are involved and interesting. As said by others 90% of the class is just going to lecture and paying attention. He pulls almost every exam question directly from a question database that he has published, so the expectations are straight forward. You will not be disappointed.

170: +1.874

very funny and intelligent,extremely helpful

171: +.682

Good, Has the concepts very clear and propogates to you in a clear way.

172: +.163

No textbook, relies solely on the lectures and slides. Makes studying for his exams easy.

173: +.026

Class starts of as an abstract set of ideas, like semantics and state machines and moves to specifics. Deals in Ocaml, Prolog and Scheme, but may move to Haskell or Lisp in the future. He grades the tests and labs so you can renegotiate grading if you just confused him. Gives lab extensions. Provides study questions week before tests.

174: +.159

He is awesome. There is no book for the class. Just attend lecture and you will get 90% of the stuff. He also puts practice tests on his website. Do that, and you can't fail.

175: +.188

Hard class, hard material, but he recognizes effort and rewards it.

176: -.304

Seems very disinterested in teaching. He mumbles and can be very condescending. Office hours: N/A.

177: +.501

A great professor that is really knowledgeable and passionate about what he teaches. He helped to make learning a discovery process that provided me with a real sense of accomplishment at the end of the semester and drove me to become a better student. Make sure you take his class, your GPA might not thank you, but your future employer will.

178: -.229

Boring, and his syllabus is offensive. He doesn't really care about his classes... He's got other jobs on the side to keep him occupied.

179: .000

No Comments

180: .000

No Comments

181: -.011

This is one of the only classes I didn't get an A/B during my BSME journey. While this didn't happen to me personally, she's among the only teachers I've seen that will absolutely give up on a student and tell them to drop if they fail the first midterm. Note that I took this class 5 years ago, so take your grains of salt as needed.

182: -.252

She is an awful teacher (not a professor) who is extremely judgemental and set in her ways. She shows very little empathy towards those who come in with little experience. If you can't understand her, then you're stupid taking this course and don't belong in this class. Drop. Terrible!! You can become a developer if you invest the effort. Avoid!

183: -.088

She is not qualified as a professor, because she doesn't know what teaching means to us. Last semester I took her CS 201 as a java beginner, she just gave some videos from Youtube and some links for me to prepare what she would teach in the class, and the material she taught was almost in them. she was not helping at all. by the way, she is mean.

184: +.248

I love Mrs. Winans! Though, she may sound like she is yelling at the class sometimes. As someone familiar with Java going into the course, I think she does a fine job teaching the language. Expectations are clear. Also, Java is easy for some and hard for others, so don't blame the teacher for failing. 4 months is plenty of time for basic Java.

185: +.048

Don't ever take her class if you are not a self-learner. She expect you to learn the materials on your own!! Her lectures are confusing and she doesn't explain the codes. She's the worst professor you can have for a introduction to Cs class!

186: +.318

I highly recommend you to not take her.

187: +.027

I have to admit that she was good at the beginning of the semester because she went over almost everything with us. After the first exam, her teaching style changed. She constantly gets a little angry at the students who are confused during the lectures. She is a very tough grader and takes points off a huge amount of points for tiny mistakes.

188: +.082

At the beginning, her teaching style was pretty clear because she code step by step with us on the board. However, after the first exam she changed her teaching style and skips all of the important details of teaching the material and just TELL us the code. She will fail you if you fail any of her exams even if your other grades were good.

189: +.105

OK, she does't even have a Ph.D. She doesn't know how to set up the computer programs, and spends 20 min every class doing so. She is very sassy when spoken to. She insists that we would all cheat on her stuff if we had the opportunity to do so. She needs to give lecture assignments to guarantee attendance. DO NOT TAKE THIS CLASS.

190: +.055

She does not explain anything and expects everything to be self-taught. She covers barely any material and at the end of the semester you feel like you learned nothing from her lectures.

191: -.146

Awful teacher. She makes no attempt to try to understand students thought processes. She constantly tells over half her class to drop. She acts like the course material is difficult but people actually do poorly because of her inadequacy and moronic grading. DO NOT take any of her classes unless you have an excellent knowledge of java.

192: -.212

Very bad teacher! If you have any other choice don't even think about taking her. 201 is designed for people who already know coding and if you don't I suggest you take 115 and 116.

193: +.330

As long as you go to class and follow her rules everything should be fine. Do your best to be active in class and show her that you want to learn and earn a good grade. Her tests are not very tough, but the grading is tough (I believe this better prepares you for "the real life" when you will be interviewing for a programmer position).

194: +.102

Honestly, a good professor provided you attend her lectures and do the labs. People complain because they get lazy. Consequently, their grade drops and they whine. Very nice professor. Even if you do mess up on some aspect, if you talk to her she'll help you out. Allowed me to redo my entire final project which I received a D for, into an A.

195: -.166

She is the single worst teacher I have ever had, not just in terms of inability to instruct but she's also completely illogical. She's always accusing everyone of cheating. She only has a master's, not a PhD. Take Matt Bauer if possible instead.

196: -.173

Very bad teacher. She made Matlab harder I think. The way she teaches in the class makes you sleepy and never want to go to her class again.

197: -.082

Most horrible professor at IIT. I worked so hard just to get a D. This is the worst professor. Her labs are super hard. If u don't have any previous exams, labs, etc. this class is a nightmare. Her classes are useless and you don't learn much. Students who are already experts on java should take this class.

198: -.068

Bad professor overall. Moves way too quickly through the material. She assumes everyone has programming experience. Shes also not leniant whatsoever. If you have the option to take another professor, do so!

199: -.126

The professor does not give adequate information about the course material. She does not specify where exactly in the book we could learn the topics discussed in class. She teaches with favoritism towards students who have taken java already.

200: +.006

She moves very fast through the material, if you fall behind a bit you are screwed big time. Must spend a lot of your time outside class re-learning the material with the TAs. If you are new to computer science and it is not part of your major; I am warning you DO NOT choose this professor

201: +.328

Best Professor in IIT. Explains concepts of computer vision clearly. His assignments are close to the topics thought in class. You will definitely learn the basics of CV under him.

202: +.229

He is a good teacher, however take this course only if you are ready to understand lot of derivations. During his class in fall 17, initially 3 weeks we did not receive any assignments and after that the load increased. Total 6 assignments & 2 exams (MCQ's & Sums). One can ace the exams only if they are clear with concepts.

203: +.509

You can learn so much than you thought

204: +.250

- Lectures were spent briefly motivating and deriving *many* algorithms - he did a decent job. - First exam was strongly based on the homework, second strongly based on theory. - Homework was difficult, but reasonable. - Attendance was not strictly necessary, but you really do have to take notes.

205: +.613

He is the best professor,so nice and patient. He make the tough mathematical very clear and easy. If you pay attention in his lecture, you will learn every details.

206: +.078

I spent most of my time master his course, had 100% on assignments and projects. Ended up with B, never got any response from professor. The classes are usually mathematical derivations of ML algorithms.

207: -.089

My experience with him during 512 was great, he was always available after class & grading was lenient. But, during 584, he was crazy. He wasn't available as much & grading was worst. I guess he suspected some cheating in finals, so gave cruel grades to a lot, including innocents. Usually a good guy with tough HW, tougher exams & muddy lectures.

208: -.177

Worst course. Lectures are nothing but a copy paste of of equations from text book. He knows a lot but has difficulty in conveying concepts. Very demotivating course

209: -.105

If you are a PhD student, refrain from taking this course unless you have prior experience or understanding of Machine Learning topics. Even after scoring 100% in assignments and project and fairly well in midterm, you can end up with a C if you don't do well in final. No extra credit option! Final exam is all that matters for grade. So beware!!

210: -.397

There is no specific structure in the course. The lectures are confusing and nothing but simply writing down a long list of equations. The course schedule is very hectic. Though each assignment weighs 5%, it is very time-consuming. Final exam is a complete gamble. Professor is not approachable. Most unorganized and demotivating course.

211: +.081

Final exam weighs 40% and even if you score 100% in everything else, you can get a C due to final exam. Take this course if you already know the concepts on ML. This course is not for someone who freshly wants to learn about ML. Also, be prepared to get a C even though you have never seen it in your life and you are an A grader otherwise.

212: -.014

Bad professor, Not transparent in grading. His subject is lottery. You can end up with any grade irrespective of the your hardwork.

213: -.042

Never take any subject under him. He will give C even if you have done well (100%) throughout semester and didn't do well in final . He is not transparent in grading. Initially, he will not explain grading scale. At the end he will say 90% A and 80% B and 70% C . So Beware!

214: +.088

It is hard to understand what he teaches. And test exam makes up so many points, mid ---------10% final is 40%. However, each assignments only makes up 5%.

215: +.106

Thanks to open notes exam, I got an A, but I am not sure if I have learned anything at all other than converting math equations to python code in his course

216: +.106

I do not think the meterial is delivered well especially in a modulized and easily understandble way. I have been watching Ng's online ML course and that is of great help if you find the lectures confusing and not explained well. Some of questions in the final are not clearly defined and get no answers. I feel like being tested on math than ML.

217: +.650

Dry delivery of topics but very exhaustive. Content was interesting and he expects a high level of understanding for exams.

218: +.407

Good Professor. Assignments reinforce the material.

219: +.252

He is a very helpful professor. But I really find his lectures confusing.

220: +.124

If you are already know the concepts and want to specialize ,this is good course for you . If you feel that you will get A ,you will get B as Exams are tough . This course is not recommended for students who take 9 credits per semester and who plans to learn the concepts freshly .

221: +.131

Avoid if possible. Seems like a nice guy, but is really unable to teach. Unless you know the material beforehand, get ready to look up Youtube videos on the course material. Covers Haskell programming lang, moves to finite automata (briefly), parsing trees, and other content. Have fun

222: -.104

Lectures are incredibly boring. Don't forget to bring a pillow to the lecture, because you will need it after the first 10 minutes. Lectures tend to stray off-topic and the course overall is quite disorganized. Fortunately for the student, the course itself isn't very demanding. There is only a handful of concepts one must memorize for exams.

223: +.526

Sasaki is a dry lecturer when it comes to the class material, so it is important to read the notes outside of class to fully understand. But he's also hilarious. A caring professor, posts the notes on time and is generous with the grading curve at the end. Our TAs were good and labs really helped to understand the material. Tests are tricky.

224: -.079

He's not good at teaching at all. he doesn't even teach the basic and will make you confused on the very first day of class. you have to read lectures posted online before class. he doesn't give any instructions on labs and expect TAs to explain them all to you. he allows to bring cheat sheets but make sure you got all concepts in every lectures.

225: -.217

Labs are hard and you basically have to rely on yourself and/or ask the TAs for help. Attendance counts for a small percentage of grade. Lectures are very boring and uninvolved.

226: -.418

This course is not for sincere students, I mean he and his TAs won't know care what you learn but care what your answer is. Avoid this course and this professor if possible.

227: -.124

Is not good, attendance is based on RNG.

228: -.054

I've had Prof Sasaki for numerous classes and haven't had an issue until 536. He covers SO MANY THINGS. The class is 100% semantics and memorization. Very difficult and he's not a great lecturer.

229: +.500


230: +.046

Lectures are usually interesting. Everything he covers in lecture is posted online. Labs and lectures are loosely related. Labs are usually interesting but may take a while. Tests can be very hard and are based on the lectures, so make sure to look over the lecture notes. Two pages of notes are allowed for tests.

231: +.253

Take the subject and be ready for "C" or "E"

232: -.105

He is the useless professor. He does not know how to grade. Tortures students. I would recommend not to take any of his course. I would like to rate him -infinity if i am able to.

233: +.020

He helps you when you visit him. However, the classes are boring and the exams are hard. If you manage to get the exams from previous years it will be easy to pass, if you don't you are gonna have a hard time. Basically it does not matter how good you know the course, but if you get the appropiate material or not, and that's sad.

234: +.046

He repeats his questions from previous semester Homeworks and... wait for it.. QUIZZES AND EXAMS.. You must have access to previous semester questions and solutions, in order to get an A. If not, a sincere student will get a C, since those who already have the material only have to jot them down on their cheat sheets during the exams, and ace it!

235: -.271

worst course. Did not learn anything useful in this class. Did all exams and homework beyond B, but get a C at last.

236: -.110

Students tend to get lost in his class cos the course is vast, vague and boring. But, a Theory Core Course. Professor isn't bad at all. He's a nice person (his jokes are funny n Sheldon Cooper-esque but he's not awkward :-D). Tricky MCQs on tests where majority of marks are lost. Prof. is easily approachable to get our doubts/questions clarified.

237: -.322

Worst lecture ever. Wish i didn't sign up for this. Screwed my overall gpa.

238: +.182

Pay attention during lectures and read his lecture notes. Labs seem difficult at first but are easy once you understand what you're doing. Class sort of changes topics in the last five or so lectures. Make sure you know the newest material for the final. If you do better on Exam 1 than Quiz 1, Quiz 1 score replaced. Same policy for final exam.

239: +.066

He was on some medication when I took him and the lectures were extremely boring. The c labs are pretty cool, but sometimes you really have to work hard for them. He allows you to bring 2 pages of notes for exams (exams are hard, so the notes are super important!).

240: +.236

Professor Sasaki is a kind and straightforward teacher if you ask for help. You can skip class with a small penalty to your grade. His explanations in lecture are often not helpful (at least for me), but his online notes are reasonable. Homework is easy, and Sasaki does take time on the final project to judge your quality of work.

241: +.351

His labs were terrible, but his lectures were of acceptable quality, however, I was not new to Java, so take my opinion with a grain of salt.

242: -.300

Teaches outdated code (StringTokenizer), labs are extremely long and difficult. Exams require you to do a lot in a very short amount of time.

243: +.084

The lab and exam are extremely long. It is not difficult but boring. And the exam time are so limited. Most of us can not finish typing those code in 1h. But he won't listen to us. The way he teach class are boring as well and he just talking to himself and ignore student.

244: -.158

I don't know about the other classes, but for CS201, the course itself is too heavy; plus George Kay. If you don't major on CS, I wouldn't recommend taking his class. He is good at lectures, but accelerated course makes some topics kept unclear. A lot of homework, and no extra credit(for 201).

245: +.176

He's an excellent teacher. If you pay attention to what he says the concepts become very easy. Nevertheless, the labs are quite hard and take a long time to complete (they often have very vague instructions too).

246: +.144

For CS115 he's fine. Easy A. CS116 however is a different story. If you're good at coding and have a good grasp of the subject, go for him. Nevertheless, if you're a newbie, go for someone else. The labs take way too much time to complete, mainly due to unclear and/or sloppy instructions. However, he is very good at pacing himself&explaining things

247: +.113

8 extra credit assignments, you have to do 5 to get any and the maximum you can get is 7. Only 4 tests, not that many, if you didn't get 70% or above, all your project, labs and extra credit assignments will not be counted towards your final. Guess that's how life works sometimes. //

248: +.560

Lots of students didn't like him but was a good professor for 115. If you do the labs and extra credit yourself, the projects and exams are easy. Even if the lectures are sometimes a bit unclear, I strongly recommend reading the book because it explains it very clearly and straightforward.

249: -.521

He was terrible. Lectures were very unclear. Uses the most basic and outdated compilers.

250: -.210

Too much information in his class, which we don't really need to master for EE major. Not recommended. He's so rude and not helpful at all. I emailed him for help and he just replied ask me in class. His lab can take you up to a week to finish, so time-consuming for a two-credit class.

251: +.530

He's good

252: +.233

A very good instructor overall. He knows the ways of the force... both sides.

253: +.278

The long story short with this class is: if you put in the time to memorize how the programs are supposed to be written, you will pass and get a good grade. No, he was not a particularly good professor, but if you teach yourself it's not difficult to pass.

254: +.171

A highly underestimated instructor. Everyone has jumped on the Hanrath wagon due to his punny jokes and lack of homework. I, however, consider George Kay to be a better instructor, mainly due to the following: a) The programing portion of every exam is taken on the computer b) Knows how to pace himself to match the class's level. c) Extra credit

255: +.352

Anyone can get an A, but make sure you study his labs and learn to do those in a QUICK amount of time to prepare time-wise. Labs itself take days. Don't just take this course for a grade when you can ace Sasaki (joke testsBauer! If you have a serious workload consider otherwise taking this class. I took GeorgeK wpre-med minor and it killed time!

256: -.048

His exams are harder than in CS 115 if you previously had George K. After getting an A in CS 115 I thought CS 116 would be a breeze I still got an A, but the labs take hours(24+). His exams are harder, you need to finish compiling the program in a short amount of time. Sasaki's classeasier + less labs. George K never admits his own mistakes either

257: +.410

Honestly, he isn't that bad, but there are better options. His lectures aren't very informative, and the testslabs are very difficult and take a long time. I hated his class when I was taking it, but I do feel like I have a better understanding of Java now. I'd say if you are a complete beginner to Java, take SaeleeBauer, if not, you'll be fine.

258: +.111

The amount of work of a 5 credit course and its a 2 credit class. It is possible to get a good grade but the amount of work is overwhelming. Takes hours to finish labs. Try to get a different professor.

259: +.230

rarely to reply email extra points are good way to get an A

260: -.125

simply avoid his class. lengthy lab, tough

261: +.159

dry material. atleast she can speak english well. seriously that is a big plus in this school.

262: -.332

it was her first time teaching cs 116 and it was horrible, her quizes are weighted too much and because she teaches an advanced class on lab wright ups we had to do one and even though my final project worked the wright up wasnt good enough

263: +.377

Writes on the board all the time. Easy labs. Easy exams.

264: -.419

Boring lectures, idiotic labs, and even more stupid final project. She doesn't explain very well or at all. For lecture she just writes down the summary from back of each chapter

265: .000

No Comments

266: +.069

Good teacher, though course material was really dry and boring (though somewhat important). Tests based largely on memorization. Almost all coursework is lumped on you during the second half of the semester.

267: +.619

Good teacher, interesting projects, and real world experience.

268: .000

No Comments

269: +.088

Though organized, neither his handout materials nor his lectures prepare you for the midterm and final. The project was assigned 3 weeks before the final, while it should be assigned atleast 5 weeks before.

270: +.347

Course is very organized, while I understood nothing in class, text book is also very difficult but readable. hint, you can google answers for these old homework questions, they are pretty stereotype. I would not recommend this course maybe I am not a theory type, try cs536 instead, maybe better.

271: +.311

Dr. Calinescu does a good job of going through examples and proofs of the subject matter in class. The quizzes were sometimes difficult but the midterm and final were straightforward. He seems to have refined his style and gotten better at teaching compared to some of the older reviews--he was organized and knowledgeable.

272: -.055

He is not organized. Homework's and exams are easy. I have to watch his lectures online even after attending his class because I do not understand what he teaches.

273: +.119

I took CS530 (Theory of Computation) with him in Spring '16. I like his announcements are the beginning of each lecture, mentioning prev, current, and next lecture topics.. He solves almost all the proofs from the textbook and encourages questions. 5 HWs, each testing a specific set of topics. Do the homeworks yourself and you can ace the 2 exams.

274: +.551

The assignments take a huge amount of time and energy, but they help you learn. The class is easy to follow and understand.

275: +.194

It is really difficult to understand what he says. I find his teaching very abstract. CS551 is a very interesting subject and there are times when he teaches well but overall I would say the teaching is average.

276: +.333


277: -.050

All the comments here are true. This is a terrible professor. He is unorganized, his lectures are not planned. Not coherent at all - hard to understand. He is the probably the worst professor in the department. I tried talking to him about what I think about his methods, he retaliated by lowering my grade. I should report him to the cs department.

278: +.117

I like Gruia. People may think his lecture is unplanned. But, for me, that's why I like him. You can learn more from his process of making mistakes and correcting mistakes. Plus, He remembers everyone's name in class.

279: -.000

Accent made him hard to understand. Misunderstands students' questions and talks in circles. Leaves students bored with no understanding of what's going on in the class. Would never take a class with this professor again!

280: +.035

Doesn't allow anyone to finish their suggestions in open discussion. Has no lesson plan, just simply seems as if he shows up to class knowing as much as we do. Runs around in circles and spends entire class periods basically stumping himself and misconstruing bits and pieces of student's observations or suggestions into one big still unsolved mess.

281: -.401

This was the worst professor I ever had. His accent makes him difficult to understand, but the class' extremely illogical flow makes him incomprehensible. The final exam was a joke -- I had an "A" in the class going in to it but got a 40% on it; this because he told us to review the wrong material for the exam. Many, many, many, more complaints...

282: -.060

Although this prof asks student to raise questions at the beginning of every class; he is so terrible with explanation that nobody ever wants to ask him any questions. Makes a good impression on the first few lectures but then on it just keeps on getting worse. Never provides graded homeworks before the exam. Comes late to class.

283: -.027

Make the class harder then it already is. Hard to understand and a very confusing person.

284: .000

No Comments

285: .000

You will get a B atleast if you show up.

286: -.097

Completely unclear,unplanned about contents he presents. Takes sadistic pleasure in giving work. All effort is oriented towards making things easy for himself, does not even grade correctly. Overlooks cheating and copying cases. Absolutely unapproachable.

287: -.433

The assignment requirements are very confusing, and the inexplicable points are deducted.

288: +.189

best in IIT, go take his class

289: +.118

He is G.O.A.T. Amazing personality! Student takes his subject to get A's but he actually teaches subject from soul.

290: +.522

The best professors in IIT, clear and loud voic, amazing personal, course are designed exactly stick with your 4 homework. there is a big project will apply all the knowledge in the class. Doctor Atef care much about your learn, he is obviously a very experienced software engineer, I strongly recommend this course if you want have a SE career

291: +.361

Nice professor, who gives the information (in lectures) related to current industry trends.

292: +.210

If you are looking for a Professor how is fair, caring and have a lot of knowledge related to what he is teaching then he is your guy. If you deserve A you will get A.

293: +.472

best guy in IIT. love his classes!!

294: +.450

Follow the lectures properly. Things would become easier.

295: +.813

Good professor.

296: +.159

The best professor i have seen in IIT. Will definitely take more courses under him.

297: +.275

Most amazing class I have ever taken, Lectures are pretty easy, if you focused you'll easily get 95+ in all assignments (Only 4!) & Final project is also easy, again if you have followed his all lectures! Yes, there is no exam!!! Got A

298: +.357

Awesome professor, teaches all topics very clearly.. lectures are most helpful, assignments are easy if you have seen lectures, No exam, one term paper! In short: Would take more class under Prof. Bader.. Best Prof. in CS department in IIT

299: +.339

Great professor. Has a command over his subjects. Wants students to learn. Single test and rest assignments. Plenty of time to finish. Excellent.

300: +.318

Very nice prof ,great to attend his class.

301: +.267

The best Professor so far... Know his stuff and knows how to teach WELL.... Wanted to take more courses apart from 2 courses, but not offered....

302: +.331

The best professor so far. And most helping. Took two courses under him, wanted to take another, but was not offered in my final sem.... highly recommend... Wish all profs would be like him

303: +.212

Dr. Bader covered lot of material in a short time. He certainly peeked my interest in the Project Management area. I highly recommend everyone to take this class, but may be one of the lasts classes.

304: +.546

Super Prof.. knows the stuff.. he cares to teach.. cares for his students... fantastic guy.. very professional...

305: .000

No Comments

306: .000

No Comments

307: +.330

Do not miss any detail of slides & textbook. Be sure to check the video before exam. He really loves to ask small detailed questions discussed in class. 544 should be easier than 542 and a positive attitude could help you to get a good grade. (sending more email to him discuss the content about the course)

308: +.041

He is one such professor because of whom students lose their interest and get depressed. One side he says that the exams will be very similar to the assignments and when you see the paper you feel what puzzle is he asking. After putting all the effort and work in CS542 at the end when you see your grades you will ask did you learn anything.

309: -.057

The most stupid thing I did in IIT was not listening to advices and chose this course in my first semester, got C, a huge hurt to me. He always say "my friends" but actually he is the most mean to students deep in his heart, course is easy, while exam is difficult, project requirement is not clear and once you go wrong direction, prepare for a 0/10

310: -.086

He's the worst Professor that I've ever met. Doesn't give your midterm grades before you take your finals. Won't increase your grades even if your answers are correct. His FIRST decision is his FINAL. His projects are useless, though he calls them creative. He won't explain the project nor does he appreciates your idea. On the whole, WASTE.

311: +.098

Very easy to get a E. Most of friends got E for no reason, really strange, most students said he is a racialism. He cannot explain his project clear, He confused with his project too most time, really funny. He like to copy all the material from the textbook

312: -.063

Good professor but horrible grader. DO NOT take his class if you want to score an A. Be ready for a C or E. Extremely late in grading assignments & exams. Exams are very tough and are NOT based on assignments as he says. Doesn't give a good, clear project and then grades terribly. Please refrain from taking this class.

313: .000

He is so mean to students. He never upload grades of assignments or exams online.

314: +.061

He is full of contradiction and vagueness. We brought our code to show him. He said "Almost perfect". At last he gave 0 for our project and said that our algorithm is not what he expected. At least we deserve to get scores for what we got right. For a fundamental network course, he made too big a deal. Wanna learn? Shy away from him.

315: -.156

He teach from that TCPIP book, write everything on board, all from book. you can read everything easily from book! MID term grades are very very strict.. either you get 0 or Full in each question, if your answer is right, but you are not able to explain properly how you get it, then you get 0. Not a good prof. in giving grades! :(

316: -.425

It was waste to attend his CS542 class, instead I could have learned more than by reading book. His class notes is totally based on ppt from the book TCP_IP_Protocol_Suite by Forouzan. His homework is easy, but some of his exam questions are tricky and you cant solve it by reading his notes or the text book.

317: +.529

in general he is a good teacher

318: +.047

He teaches everything in detail. No prob's with the concepts. But the mid term exam paper evaluation is very tough.

319: +.364

he is very good in terms of teaching and giving notes.. no problems in taking his class.. it will be a good choice for u.

320: +.211

Good lecturer. Writes damn near everything on the board. Tests are pretty much straight out of the homework. He knows what he's talking about but he's generally not that good at answering questions, he tends to repeat what he just said rather than answering questions in a straightforward manner.

321: -.093

Horrible experience. His way of teaching did not make any sense to me. He does not really explain the questions you have and leaves it up to his TAs to grade your work. The TAs in his class aren't very helpful either. The analogy of taking his class is equivalent to engaging in the Sisyphus and his rock task.

322: -.112

Lots of tests and quiz.

323: +.216

Algorithms is the backbone of any product so it is a field many have brainstormed years together to improve things and this directly reflects on the difficulty level of the course. He does assume that we know quite a bit of math before taking up this course. He encourages people who wish to do research. Quite a serious guy in class

324: -.203

Prof Kapoor is the worst professor I have ever had. He ruined my GPA.

325: +.057

This teacher is so bad that I used to love CS and wanted to study it ever since I was a little boy. Now, I'm switching majors to African Diaspora...

326: +.184

Has a great depth of knowledge in the subject of algorithms. Encourages and approves of discussions in the class and likes when the students interact during the lecture, and then dynamically proceeds in the direction the student chooses. All the courses he teaches are categorized as tough, so you always have some students who fail to grasp his lecs

327: -.191

I took CS330 with this professor. I was generally interested in the course topic because I am majoring in CS, but once class started from day 1 wow. I don't think I have ever had such a terrible professor. He is inconsistent, rambles on with himself, completely disregards the students and offers little to no help in office hours. Very disappointed.

328: -.283

Not Good, scribbles, cannot follow any thing.

329: +.490

I took CS430 with Professor Kapoor and liked him better for this graduate level course. He seems to really enjoy the subject and likes it when students participate. I felt like I got a lot out of the class and liked him as a teacher.

330: +.135

I took CS430 in the fall of 2008. I am a grad student who majored in math as an undergrad and had a decent background for the course. It is really helpful to have a solid math background. The course was still very challenging and I did a lot of extra studying and review in order to get a good grade. Be prepared to work hard!

331: -.225

Prof Kapoor expects too much out of his students. Starts teaching from day 1 and gets straight to the point. His grading scheme is weird. He tried to cram too much into one session. There is no cohesiveness in his lecture. You will have to do self-study in his class to pass, and he shooes away any student who goes to his office to ask doubts.

332: +.095

Kapoor assumes you understand math, or you're going to learn math to pass this class. Personally, I think this is a good thing, but many CS students would disagree with me. Challenging class, but all the problems are standard fare for an Algorithms course (i.e. straight from CLRS or Algorithm Design). If you try, you can and will succeed.

333: .000

be aware

334: +.088

If you're an undergrad taking an undergrad class, run far, far away! If you're a grad student taking a grad course, Kapoor is great. He expects you to know a lot but he's very good at lecturing through the material. He is challenging, but that's what being a grad student is all about. Exams are take-home.

335: -.125

I took CS330 with him and had to drop because I didn't understand anything and had a D by mid semester. When I retook CS330 I had Bauer, got an A, and actually learned things. Kapoor is a terrible professor.

336: .000

No Comments

337: +.041

no consideration for students.. course is extremely abstract and difficult.. homeworks are totally unrelated to class material - on a completely different level.. next to impossible to get an A.. good luck if u r in his class..

338: -.067

This man cannot teach and can barely speak English. Stay away from him!!!!!!!!!

339: -.047

Goes through material way too fast, without explaining much of it. Asks too much out of students in terms of exams and homework. Makes it pretty much impossible to get an A or B.

340: -.023

Is way too vague. Seems disintrested in teaching. Isn't a "bad guy" type but really needs 2 get across 2 students on THEIR level.

341: -.130

Not a good lecturer and his thick accent makes it hard to follow an already hard subject. Been to his office hours and he was not happy explaining more than he needs to. I am only doing ok because I read the book thoroughly but it's taken so much time out of my schedule and my grades in other classes have suffered for it. Go with another prof.

342: +.491

CS 547 is a tough subject since it is difficult to understand and relate the physical meaning of any problem. He makes sure to explain the theoretical aspects of the problems which are very helpful in understanding and solving the assignments and the exams.

343: -.158

Worst thing in my life to sit in his class

344: -.180

I'm not exaggerating but taking this class ruins my whole plan and even possibly rest of my life. Avoid him if you get any chance.

345: +.223

He should learn how to teach and correct his ascent.. Worst professor.. I lost interest in the course because of him

346: -.011

Has a heavy accent, and makes very boring, powerpoint heavy lectures. Participation was supposedly part of the grade but he never took attendance. Expect to study most of the content on your own to prepare for his incredibly hard tests. Our lab TA was also hard to understand and often gave us quiz answers because we hadn't learned how to do them.

347: -.217

Heavy accent, never replies to e-mail, the TAs aren't helpful either

348: -.133

Heavy accent and boring content delivery. Avoid!! If you are not already good at algos this is gonna be horrible experience. He should learn to speak first and then how to deliver a lecture.

349: -.284

Awful professor. Has a very thick accent, and is terrible at lecturing. Tests and homework are very difficult.

350: -.073

Lacks clarity and lectures are soporific... makes the subject very boring. Combine this with tough tests and assignments, I neither gained much nor developed a liking to the subject

351: .000

No Comments

352: .000

No Comments

353: +1.000

Excellent !

354: +.189

Lectures are clear and cover all the required material, but reading the book is required to do well on exams. Exams are tough and require that you really know the material. A number of class periods are used for student presentations. This IS a programming class and math skills are required for exams. Presentation and writing skills are important.

355: +.121

Pretty good prof. Lots of exhaustive HW especially from the current papers from IEEE. One team project which includes a lot of study. 2 exams. Exams are from lectures.

356: +.043

Pretty Worthless Professor. She has no clue about the subject.

357: +.452

Dr. Ren is knowledgeable and concerned about teaching and imparting her material to her students. Her exams for this course were straightforward but also practical and useful. She expands beyond the textbook and she is easy to follow. She encourages her students to think, participate and contribute, without much denegrating. A great professor.

358: +.368

The class are nice and clear, but her exam are way to tough for the materials we covered.

359: -.023

One of the worst CS profs i've had. All he does is lecture quietly while staring down at the notes. His handwriting and accent is hard to understand and the Homeworks and exams are 10x harder than what he teaches. The project is 80+ pages and 700+ lines of code. I would avoid this class and professor at all costs

360: +.306

I am an online student &i found Professor to be very very good. Just follow his lecture in class and all the homeworks & exams should be easy. He has 3 homeworks, 3 exams and 1 individual project. He is very organized and the best part is there is no need for a textbook, though he recommends one. His lecture notes more than suffice.

361: +.182

The professor is very systematic while delivering the lecture. He writes everything that he speaks and post it on the blackboard in the form of notes. Assignments are time consuming and require effort but his notes makes them easier. Do the assignments yourself and exams will become easy.

362: +.197

Professor is very organised with his stuff. He gives a schedule at start of the course and follows precisely without missing any dates till the end of the course. Initial 15 minutes he will discuss what all was covered last lecture which does help. If you seriously try to understand design patterns his lectures will make u remember for lifetime.

363: +.346

He is awesome

364: +.223

Dr. Korel presented all his lectures in an organized and coherent manner. I enjoyed learning from him. He did give a relatively laborious project. IMO all should take his CS589 class.

365: +.213

Professor Korel is an excellent teacher. He always reviewed the material covered in the previous class at the start of every class. While this might be tedious to some, I found it reinforced my retention of the material. The course project was given to us with plenty of time to finish. Handouts and course lecture were _better_ than the text.

366: +.530

Good guy!

367: -.100

A useless class, but at least he makes it hard not to get an A.

368: +.999

Good professor. Pretty funny sometimes. Teaches the easiest CS course in the curriculum, but he does a pretty good job at keeping in interesting.

369: -.161

Most condescending prof I've ever encountered. Turned me off to CS with his d***ishness. Made the class purchase a book he wrote but then did not use it.

370: +.430

Does the best he can with the course he teaches, which is a joke. Easy A.

371: -.168

Teaches a useless but required class. Could be a lot worse.

372: .000

No Comments

373: +.560

This man introduced me to Computer Science and now I am a successful Computer Architect and Engineer for Fortune 500 companies. Nicely done.

374: +.428

Great teacher. One of the easiest CS class.

375: +.017

Professor Li has enough knowledge to teach his students. However, you need to know that as a professor, his English sometimes really confusing. Lectures are so long that the lecture times are not enough. Exams are hard, people get 60% for the average score, but don't expect to pass if you get scores around average.

376: +.093

Professor Li has a very deep knowledge about the subject he is teaching. Though his English is not fluent enough, he has the ability to explain difficult problems reasonably well. HW and Quizzes are OK but exams are challenging. Never go to class without any preparation. If you really want to learn something and meet challenges, take him.

377: -.134

Great professor, exams are unbelievably hard, prepare to fail many exams. It isn't just me either, when the average / median for an exam is 68% that means many people failed.

378: +.461

Very Good proffessor. HAs indepth knowledge of what he says, and teaches in such a way that even the dumbest in the class can comprehend. His class was a fun always

379: -.282

Material is really hard, and he does seem to know what he is talking about. But is absolutely impossible to know what he is talking about. HW's are okay, but exams are very hard.

380: -.068

Heavy Chinese accent, but not totally unintelligeable. Presents the difficult material reasonably well. Tests and homework are very challenging.

381: -.389

He rips you in class and mocks you

382: .000

No Comments

383: +.116

He's... unique. He's got loads of experience and knowledge, but not very good teaching technique. He also sometimes teaches internet classes.

384: +1.252

Big talker, but talk very casually without good preparation.

385: -.010

Very disorganised. Some random homeworks will be given. I don't recommend anyone to take any course under this professor.

386: +.104

Homework grading was always late. 2 homework were given in the last week of the semester. Grading was not clear at all ( I got some weird comments on my graded homework like 'so what?' ). I don't think these comments would make students understand the content better.

387: -.195

Assignments are not coherent. Professor gives assignment very late and teaching style is one way.

388: +.120

His class is a bit boring. He absent several times. Not so many homework. Presentation and project were quite easy. If you want a A, you should take his class. But if you want the knowledge, better study by yourself if you're not lazy.

389: +.225

I was skeptical about taking this online, but it was solid. He is a leader in field and a researcher more than teacher, but he's still a good lecturer and I got a lot out of it.

390: +.437

Laid-back but interesting, knowledgable, and clear. Tough but fair grading - I learned a lot. Could have better office hours.

391: +.094

A smart professor, and easy-going. It's easy to get a good grade in his classes but you won't learn anything since he skips lectures a lot and doesn't care about students. So, avoid to take his classes with any cost.

392: +.051

Definitely has little respect for his students, the institution, or the class. Doesn't show with frequency and without warning. Shows incredible passion and interest in one subject--himself. If he was stuck on an island with only one book to bring along, it would be his autobiography.

393: +.162

The class and the subject are very interesting. The teacher though was not very involved. He missed several classes without warning and it took him a large amount of time to correct our homeworks and exams.

394: +.370

Very smart, impressed prof. Class is interesting and he has good respond to questions. Homework and Exam are a little bit difficult.

395: +.032

TR class, with one as a lab day. Canceled class frequently. TA basically taught our class. Curve ended up making labs and attendance 85% of our grade.

396: +.563

Interesting, challenging, extremely smart. Had fair amount of patience and always was happy to spend extra time for students to master stuff.

397: -.130

This guy's appearance is a bit distracting. Sometimes he makes sense, other times he gets into Scheme. (WTF is scheme?) He also looks a lot like George Costanza from Seinfeld. Seriously. I also suspect that he doesn't know Java.

398: +.598

A very good instructor, with a laid-back approach on his subject.

399: +.222

Argamon obviously knew his stuff, but I thought it was a little lame that his lectures were straight from the book. Luckily the book (Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach) is very interesting, so lectures weren't snore-city. Knows his stuff, and answers questions very thoroughly in and out of class. Definitely would take another class of his.

400: +.397

Ophir set the standard for my IPROs. He may come off as an ass, but underneath he seems to have an endearing quality for his students. He demands time and responsibility from his students, but can also relax with them and celebrate the results of their hard work.

401: +.233

She is strict, one of the best professor though. She is very comfortable in what she is teaching.

402: -.027

CS422 and 429 are the two hardest CS courses at IIT. Her expectation that we memorize complex algorithms makes 429 so hard. Major project was bad. Use a barebones search engine to make a better search engine. C++ version requires MSVC++ 2003 or older. "You can use any language you want"... but the addons wont work. MSVC++ 03- hard to find in 2008

403: -.220

Knows what she is talking about. Mandatory group project. Very difficult to work with when a team member doesn't contribute. I hate group projects. Grades are meant to be what the individual knows, not what their teammates didn't do.

404: +.056

She makes you work, but if you listen during lecture and complete the assignments you will have learned a lot.

405: +.354

great class

406: .000


407: +.527

Excellent professor. The projects are difficult and time consuming, but they do a great job of reinforcing the material. Everything in class is explained very well.

408: +.508

Professor Goharian communicates well and emphasizes the material which is important. Her class notes are thorough and very useful for tests. She seems to honestly care. I was stuck with a project partner who failed to contribute to the course project, and she gave me credit for having copious design documentation. 1 of the better professors.

409: +.750


410: +.502

While her english is tinged with a European accent, she is very easy to understand and follow if you get over it. A great - but hard instructor. Her Information Retrieval and Data Mining classes are likely the hardest at the school, but you certainly get a return on time and effort invested. Very helpful both in and out of class.

411: -.023

Extremely difficult to understand, speaks very bad english at best makes it extremely difficult to understand and pay attention. Tests on memorization material instead of ideas and concepts. Impatient with class. Repeats herself often with variations on the same lack of clarity. However, activities so far have been very useful, albeit badly written

412: +.320

Good teacher. Information Retrieval and Data Mining were both great courses, very heavy on programming and provided a reasonable challenge, though they were very time consuming even for experienced programmers like me. I wish the pace of the lectures was a little bit faster, she tended to repeat herself a lot.

413: +.496

Easily one of the better teachers in the CS department. Her Data Mining/Information Retrieval classes are tough as nails, but you come out feeling like a CS God. Very fair with grading, and helpful outside of class.

414: +.423

His classes are good ad many opportunities to get a good grade. Tests are only from his slides. A good professor with a fair experience if you take his course

415: +.699

Very knowledgeable professor. Lots to learn from him!!

416: +.488

Very knowledgeable professor!!! Give your 100% and then you can have your 100%. Understanding of the subject is needed which is obtained by listening to his lectures and following his instructions.

417: .000

Repeats previous year paper questions.

418: +.015

Has good knowledge of subject but way of handling the class and setting up exam papers is really weird. If you do even a addition mistake you will get zero in numerical & each question is of 10 marks.

419: +.213

Teaching is good. If you are attentive in class (and attend classes regularly) then clearing the subject is not tough. The prof ensures you are given maximum chances to revive your scores.

420: +.139

Don't register the class ,If the class strength is more than 100 . Grading will be tough . I heard he asks the same question every semester ,So students who prepare on their own get less score and gets less grade .

421: +.025

His philosophy to teach subject is a bit weird... He gives exam topics from CS450 even when u r in CS542

422: .000

makes his subject intresting

423: +.379

This teacher truly cares about his students. His teaching method is different from other professors in that he shows compassion to those that fail. He understands that there are students that need to be pushed even harder to do well. I would recommend that you take him if you have the chance.

424: +.817

Dr. Choi, like all CS professors, have intimate knowledge of data structures, as they form the basis of all CS courses. However, Choi conveys the information well, and keeps the course fun with tidbits of humor and good cheer. The textbook and labs were excellent, but require diligent attention and sufficient (extra) allocation of time. Good guy.

425: -.071

worst professor

426: +.067

He can teach software engineering, OODP but database organisation. NO!

427: -.044

Teaches you from slide. His slides include last year's exam question. Every year he comes up with few confusing question in exam and makes your life difficult. Overall teaching is average, course structure is not good and makes you work on old heavy assignments prepared by some other professor.

428: +.233

He sometimes gets confused in the simple questions. Very low commitment to make lectures educational.

429: +.346

He is just par in teaching and nothing you can learn from this course. Other professors for same course is quite good.

430: +.004

I am a online student. I don't know what's going on in class? Lectures are so short and some are useless. I have no clue where this subject is heading to. Total mess un till now for sure. Hope in remaining 5 weeks professor will do some justice to subject.

431: -.034

Hard to understand his lectures. Sometimes he himself gets confused in class and gives that topic to research and includes that task in extra credit assignment. Not a planner, unorganized classes.

432: -.044

Right, I worked hard, still got B. Students who copy and pasted assignments got A grade. Grading criteria is weird! No clarity.

433: -.071


434: -.028

Skips classes. Most of the time is spent by cracking jokes in the class. Don't waste your Time and Money by taking his class you won't learn anything. Increases grade of few students after bombarding with emails.

435: -.460

No, not good in terms of learning. He may have knowledge but you cannot learn much in his course.

436: -.053

Take his lectures and you will leave masters

437: +.677

Easy to score, but nothing to learn much. Professor most of the time skip classes, and posts old recorded lectures.

438: -.116

Inspired me! If he can be a prof. than I can be a dean of IIT. Whole semester he skipped half the classes. During lectures he never taught more than hour n half and god his insane laugh with senseless jokes. Roti! Biryanis! Very unorganized and bad lecturers. Don't take his classes if it is easy. You may end up with bad grades and learnt nothing

439: -.073

Take his class, if you want to work on the subject by your own. Don't expect anything from his lectures. Work your ass off and get the grade, thats it. Grades? - Core Subject difficult to get an A.

440: -.148

worst professor in Illinois tech, gives more than 50% C in class. You haven't learn anything in a database from him.

441: -.008

The worst class i have ever taken in my life. I took it because i did not have an option but this guy is epic. He came to only 5 of the 10 classes, gave videos to follow for the rest. Gave an exam which did not relate to any of the concepts taught in class nor did he make an effort to even try. The highest grade in my batch was a B. The Worst.

442: -.138

He is very good at teaching and delivering concepts. But he hardly takes class, finishes his classes within in half the scheduled time. Totally unreachable. Disappeared after mid term exams. He didn't turn up during final exam and there was no one to clarify questions. He has selected some horrible TAs. I would never take any class under him.

443: +.145

Skips most of the classes, Very Unorganized but teaches well when he does take classes. He missed more than 50% of the classes. Exams are tough expects to listen to his lecture rather than learn the concepts. Assignments and Projects are on his whims most of them get 100%.

444: -.020

Never take his class, doesn't teaches good. You will fall asleep in class. There are better courses and professors!

445: .000

Before xam tips: Look for the previous yr's question paper!!!

446: +.154

The WORST professor. Never take a class under him. He don't know anything, sometimes I felt I know the subject very well than him. If he can be the professor at IIT, I can be the dean of Machine Learning.

447: +.047

The professor did not stick to his promise what I as student asked for. He agreed to write a letter of recommendation for me. I provided all the details that he asked for. He asked for a self stamped envelope as well. I provided that too. But then at the end when everthing looked to be alright, he turned his back stopped responding to my requests.

448: +.051

Great course that teaches you fundamentals of database internals and the algorithms used for indexes, processing and optimizing queries and transactions. Tests are multiple choice, but they can be tricky. Team project is to design and code a database. Very important to start early to meet deadlines. Course slides helpful, but text is necessary.

449: +.341

Great professor, really knows what he is talking about. Also very helpful. Exams are interesting so are the projects. He brings tons of equipment to class to stare at.

450: +.442

Sam is a great instructor! He helped me through this though class! Even though I m not into computer! Very helpful and knowledgeable. I would recommend!

451: +.127

Easy, maybe to easy I didn't really feel like I learned Java, but got a 99 in the class...

452: +.129

Best teaching method. I couldn't learn java & c++ without Sam. :). Flexible with due dates. Decent work load and his take home exams are what he taught in class. Overall The Best!!

453: +.566

Probably the best teacher I ever had. He helped me learn Java and C++. Very smart, friendly and fun person. Hope he keeps up the good work. Do your homework on time and you should be fine.

454: +.484

Awesome Teacher! very friendly person. you don't wana miss him if you're taking java or c++. if you do all the labs, should get easy A.

455: +.260

great guy would take it for every class if he teach them

456: -.077

was good it test were not that easy and the two project were hard to

457: +.210

One of the best Professors at IIT. Gives in-depth knowledge of all the ML concepts. Midterm and Final exams are based on weekly quizzes which usually covers all the important concepts. Even Assignments and Project are designed to make your theoretical concepts clear. If you want to specialize in AI, I would highly recommend taking ML under him.

458: +.608

Good course and a great professor, unlike the other courses at IIT where you can get an A without attending even a single class. Makes you work for it, but the content he teaches is worth a lot.

459: +.450

This lecture gives you deep understanding of the math behind Machine Learning techniques. Moreover, the project, for this course, gives you hands on experience in training several types of supervised machine learning classifiers.

460: +.179

Professor Bilgic taught very well and clear, but he takes academic honesty way too seriously. I was innocent, got accused of cheating and then got demotivated to study. Also, I did not get the proper chance to prove my innocence. This situation was handled with zero consideration of students perspective. Teaching and doubt solving were good.

461: +.354

The schedule of this class is a mess. Detailed guidelines for programming assignments would only be posted 5 days before the due date. Prof. Bilgic takes academic honesty very seriously which I appreciate, but he doesn't know the strict rules he set in quizzes do hurt honest students. Tho he knows the ML materials very well and TAs are very helpful

462: +.225

He very reasonable man. He accommodates students and is helpful during office hours. He taught the class with Microsoft OneNote so the class was not boring. He answered questions during class. The quizzes and exams were difficult but reasonable. He knows his stuff. Take him for sure! I would take another class with him. Funny and nice person.

463: +1.207

Quizzes & exams were designed with appropriate level of perfection The quality of questions was really good and the finals were designed better Teachings were a blend of programming and the math behind it, they were clear, concise and explained to the point Programming assignments and projects were aligned to what we learnt in class

464: +.550

The class is good if you want to want learn in-depth knowledge of how Machine learning algorithm works on the lower level apart from just using the libraries. Exams are completely math and you need to know how to work out the problems if you want to score good. Professor is very strict about the academic honesty and this helps to learn than copying

465: +.369

Really good professor with really good lecture. This course is useful! But the weight distribution is unreasonable, that is why I only give 4 points to professor. The work load is heavy, but they don't weighted as heavy as their work load. Be aware of those quizzes, they will show you what is important in exam!

466: +.303

I found him honest as he said that, it would be a math heavy class, so it was same as he mentioned, Full of mathematical derivations. He can make it more practical oriented. Exams are purely based on quizzes. He is helpful not a tough grader definitely. TAs are good. I found the lectures interesting. Worth!

467: +.421

My first graduate class so I did some research before taking this course. Initially was on the waitlist (everyone wanted to take this course). Lectures are very helpful and quizzes are based on lectures (quizzes got harder as course went on). But not need to worry since exams are quizzes (really helps you learn the concepts) and are worth more.

468: +.093

I worked a lot for that class and I learned as mush as well. Exams arent easy but most questions were expected as they are usually from the online quizzes. They are mostly very long though and cover every inch of the courses material.

469: +.283

Must have been a sort of off semester, hoped to cover a lot more topics. Learned primarily derivations and fundamentals which are useful and important. However, I was disappointed about assignments+project, felt they could have been so much more practical/interesting. Anyways, it's a valuable class for those who want to know what ML really is.

470: -.260

Lectures until midterm were very comprehensive but everything went haywire after the midterms. The lecture slides he provides are completely useless, you need to go through his terrible handwriting and mess on OneNote to understand the concepts and to solve the quizzes.

471: -.188

The course was poorly taught and worse organized. The classes were boring, full of long, useless derivations that weren't even evaluated in tests. The first two months were really light and then all the heavy content was introduced in a rush at the end of the semester (together with long assignments) making our lives miserable.

472: +.147

Lectures: Mediocre. Gives derivations of formulas by hand without using well typed out notes to explain, making it hard to follow sometimes.(OneNote is dizzying) Exams: Based on quizzes. Not hard, but will be easy for students if he did more (and relevant) examples in class. If you get a 70% on the midterm and final,you're already at a C.

473: +.425

He is a funny and friendly professor who remembers every student's name. You need to read a paper almost once a week. If you have taken his CS584, you could skip the class for the first semester because half of the class content was already taught in CS584. However, attendance is mandatory :) The other half content is very interesting to learn.

474: +.666

He makes everything very clear to understand. And the course very step by step, never do to much work together. Every week there is quiz which helps you to understand the concept very well.

475: +.163

This is the second time I took his class. This semester is the first time he teaches Machine learning, but he did very good job. There are some problem with technical thing like blackboard and I think there were not enough example for some last chapters. However, I still give him 5 because those problem were just some little hiccup. HE IS THE BEST

476: -.188

The quizs give us the useful way to review our course and it's hard for cheating

477: +.018

I had previous experience in coding which made this class pretty easy. However, my classmates were not so lucky. They were stuck often especially since he never taught them how to sketch out how you are going to code something before you do it. Also his accent is hella thick.

478: +.161

Professor Huang is alright. He has a thick Asian accent, so it's sometimes hard to understand him. Intro to C++ with him was easy, but only because I had prior Java experience. I didn't go to class most the time and have been doing fine. Though, he doesn't post ANY grades. Average professor!

479: -.093

Very very very strict grader. Get at-least 90+ in mid and final terms to get A. At-least 80+ for B else you are screwed up. Doesn't curve. Exams are purely mathematical. Easy course. Can't afford low grades for this one. Assignments are repetitive.

480: +.423

Great class and a great professor. Explains the concepts very well. The key is to attend all his lectures. His assignments are challenging, you need to take your time with them. His exams are hard, but the study material he provides is more than sufficient to ace his exams. One of the classes where you actually come out learning something.

481: +.364

Excellent class and professor. Could have covered more machine learning algorithms, but given that there was a lot of material to cover, I can understand skipping some of them. The discussion topics were new to me and I think fine to participate in.

482: -.236

He's a fine professor, but he's not that comfortable with mathematics. He's fine if you want to skip to implementing stuff hands-on, but he doesn't know the theory behind what he talks about very well. Most of my questions went unanswered. Also has a tendency to misinterpret your question.

483: +.081

One of the best professors at IIT. You'll learn quite a lot from him; things you'll actually use and want to remember. Too bad this course didn't count towards my CS degree. If you've been on the fence about taking this course, get down and step away from the fence.

484: +.213

Prof. Vijay is one of the best teachers I have encountered in my student life. The concepts he teaches will stay in your head for a very long time which goes to show his level in teaching. You will need to work hard to get an A, that's for sure. But taking the class was worth it.

485: +.452

Prof. Gurbani is one of the best professors I've had in my long academic career. He is very clear in his lectures and expectations. He constantly shares his enthusiasm about the subject. He is very quick in his email responses and will continue to help you until you feel satisfied. Don't let this fool you. The course is tough, but fair.

486: +.613

Professor Gurbani is probably the best professor at IIT; certainly the best I've met. He uses a lot of examples to teach tough concepts; this makes sure that students not only learn them, but also understand why they are the way they are. The course has been designed very well, with labs & discussion that enhance students' knowledge of the subject.

487: +1.021

His teaching is good and very helpful.

488: +.549

Nice Professor. He teaches well.

489: +.636

Nice professor.

490: -.368

For Fall 17, prof teaches from slides but the course content wasn't that good as subject. Course was running late. 3 assignments & 1 final exam. One can get an A grade but won't learn anything in the lecture.

491: +.500


492: +.509

I met professor Chen in his course CS595 geospatial vision. Not only he teach a lot of knowledge about computer vision and geospatial related content, he also provide us an opportunity to visit a well known company in industry which is awesome because in the following year I get an intern position in that company.

493: +.637

Professor Xin Chen is one of the best professor I ever met, his class is intuitive and very helpful, in his class, you can learn the latest technology used in the industry which no other class has, as a graduated student who currently working at Microsoft, I benefit a lot form what I have learn from Professor Chen

494: +.016

I took his class in fall 2010. One of the best classes and professors that I had ever had at IIT

495: +.186

He is very knowledgeable person and very polite . See his lecture you will get full cloud concepts . People are getting jobs because of his subject . He is kind of unstructured though . Don,t take this subject for grade , take this subject for knowledge .

496: -.050

Worst professor in IIT!!!

497: -.020

By far the worst IIT professor! Bye!

498: +.342

Ioan Raicu is by far the best professor to walk this Earth. He is very intuitive, and knows how to help you reach your first potential. I learned from him all about cloud computing, C++, and Java. Although Ioan is a tough grader, he can be very helpful in many different ways. He is first professor I could reccomend. He is very handsome as well. Bye

499: -.139

I was thinking that his course will be as good as Advance Operating System he taught few years ago, but I was definitely wrong! I just did not know why it will be such a massive switch, but don't take this professor's cloud computing.

500: +.377

This class was extremely fast paced. The instructor and TAs(his PhD) were not very helpful at all. Do not take this class unless you are self motivated and can teach yourself. The things that I learned, I learned from finding other professor for help and finding a good partner!

501: +.325

In this course I learn to search price tag in my final project, nice 4200 dollar course :)

502: -.036

If you want to take cloud computing course in IIT, please choose other professor instead. He will not reply to your email, and so as his TAs. Never encountered a professor like that even our group have issues in the Chameleon and asked he and his TAs for help.

503: -.225

Probably the most disrespectful and unforgiving professor I've ever had. Many instances of asking questions, and him interrupting midway through for him to just say "I am confused your what you are doing, I mean you just did nothing" while presentation my project. Get ready for hell if you end up with him.

504: -.170

Professor Ioan is by far the worst professor that I have taken at CS and that's saying something. Terrible communicate both verbally and written. His exams are very difficult and very unreasonable. He barely does one example of each calculation and will not go back to previous days material. He teaches the class as if you should already know this

505: -.313

There will be general 3 program assignments and a big project this semester, but actually he delayed second program assignment that leads to a rush in the final semester. He is for sure very knowledgeable but not a good professor.

506: +.006

I would rate this professor 0/5 if I can, avoid him at any rate especially those who enjoy this field in computer science. Too many tests, pop quiz, talk more than do. If you plan to take this professor's course, be careful, there will be dragon. Choose other professor instead.

507: -.325

Ive followed each of the course but still failed in the exam, too tough and after this semester I felt like I have learnt nothing:(

508: +.601

Kinda weird copied group projects would earn a higher result than a well-prepared original solution, how funny ...

509: -.034

Test is tough however the worst part is hilarious teaching. Randomly assign homework and projects and made my final in a mess because he delayed all projects.

510: -.096

Before you take this course, please think about it, please think about it. You will fail if he dislike your project or the way you presentation. What's worse, his partners in Argon will also choose this course, in other words, even you did your best you will very likely got grade that are much lower than his partners who did even worse than you.

511: -.257

One of the worst professors I've had at IIT in the fourth semster. The lectures have nothing to do with assignments and exams. The professor is unprofessional and unorganized and taught carelessly. He tend to cover everything at the end but failed.

512: -.305

One of the worst professors i've had at IIT in 5 years. He's very knowledgable on the topic but cannot teach effectively. The lectures have nothing to do with assignments/exams. The assignments are unrealistically difficult and often change with only a couple days left. The professor is unprofessional and unorganized. Avoid at all costs.

513: -.230

Too many homework in 554, it is totally nightmare. If you are only one person group, then he won't care about it, he think even you are doing project yourself, you still need to finish 3 people's work as well. His 554 has a totally different level than his 553. I think CS 554 Data Intensive should change its name to CS554 Homework Intensive.

514: -.168

Really knowledgable guy. Seems to be unorganized and his lectures don't help at all with the assignments. 2 HW, 1 Project, 2 Exams. Very difficult and time consuming assignments. Generous grader

515: +.124

Prof. James is good. Not hard to deal with. Don't expect to know everything out of his lectures. If your Java basic-skills are good, then you'll be fine. Otherwise, you'll need to study some topics by your own.

516: +.289

Amazing lecture skills.

517: +.219

To be honest I learnt nothing in 411. After graduation college, I had to re learn. I think you would be better off learning on your own than attending his pointless lectures. Students like him because it is easy to get A . That's why he still has a job. He only boasts about his degrees. I think I can prep grad students better cause I am not lazy.

518: +.368

Mr. James Papademas is an inspiration for all the students who take his class. A true renaissance man in his way of teaching, very helpful, he is not there to fail you. He is there for you to learn it and make you successful when you are working and writing Java code in the real world. He is as good as Luke Papademas and Katherine Papademas

519: -.132

As a lecturer? He fails. Straight up. However if you're struggling he will meet with you three times a week if that's what it takes. But if his lecture's weren't terrible you wouldn't need to meet him him...

520: +.148

By far the best professor I have taken. He teaches well and his lectures are helpful towards his assignments. His project is a little tough but nothings impossible. He really does tell you everything you need to know for it. He was very leneant on grading and offers extra credit for doing a little extra work on the project and on his assignments.

521: +.514

Love this professor, keeps talking!

522: +.106

This is my best teacher so far at IIT! He teaches with so much enthousiasm and passion! He also very lay back. You will learn and have fun in class (pizza on exam days too!) I wish he was teaching more programming classes but he is not... This is the kind of teacher you would love to have everywhere around the school!

523: +.028

Lots of homework, worst communication skill, (highly recommended) Don't take CS 525 under professor Lan, Interesting subject changed to nightmare

524: +.400

Easily one of the best professors at IIT. She is passionate about her field and very knowledgeable. You will learn a great deal from her if you put in the time.

525: +.529

Amazing lectures, nice subject, nice way to teach. Helpful and learned a lot from her. Subject helped me to gain internship.

526: +.273

One of the best professor at IIT. Very dedicated towards her class. Very organized. Transparent in grading criteria's. Learnt a lot under her and she ensured she covered everything she had promised. She believes in small class size. Her TA (XU YANG) was also good, he knew the subject well. I would recommend her classes.

527: +.232

Prof. Lan is super good teacher. One of the best at IIT CS Dept. However, the exams and homeworks are too tough.

528: +.405

This is the most course work I've done for a class in IIT. Course required 5 different homeworks (each taking 4-6 hours), a final project (at least 2 days of work), a midterm exam, as well as a final exam. Teacher was easy to understand.

529: -.102

When asked questions, he refers to textbook -- should learn things by yourself. His slides are ambiguous at times. Learn the materials by yourself, do not expect anything from this professor. Can sound rude and aggressive when asked questions which he finds "basics".

530: -.006

The grading scheme for this class is incredibly odd -- 80% gets an A, 50% gets a B. Consequently, it's kind of hard to take this class seriously, which is unfortunate since databases are an important topic. The lectures are very informational, yet can be incredibly boring at times. Not a bad choice overall -- you can definitely get here.

531: +.683

Great professor, very patient with questions, tough programming assignments.

532: -1.000

Assignment are too good.

533: +.163

Amazing professor. Truly professional. Exam are based on homework. Final project was but challenging though. But I prefer this class to my juniors.

534: +.425

Pretty straight-forward teacher. Concepts are clearly explained in lecture, homework and tests are of reasonable caliber. No surprises. The topic itself isn't exactly the toughest, so with reasonable amount of work, students should expect a decent grade.

535: +.129

She gives your final project grades based on the performance in Mid-term and assignments so don't mess them up. Coming to classes, she teaches few classes interestingly but few of the classes she just reads what ever is there in presentations and doesn't explain the concepts.

536: +.747

Very good in teaching and many concepts such as map reduce which is difficult to comprehend from text book is made real easy by the Professor

537: -.188

She couldn't able to explain properly. Even though she has industry experience and job, I don't know why she is not able to convey fully. Assignments are horrible. You just have to get data and paste. No importance is given to real analysis.

538: -.172

This professor is terrible. She can't explain her thought clearly even in the homework. And also, what she did on class is go through the slices with limited explanation and example.

539: -.001

Lengthy Assignments If you take other difficult subject you will end up in less grade in one of the subject. Be prepared to spend more time in this subject

540: -.154

lazy! didn't even change the content of homework & mid term paper! all homework are same as previous class, even the midterm is ditto same! not a single question changed! No need to attend lectures, just get your hand on previous 2 semesters homework material & you are good to get A

541: +.324

Teaching and motivations are just amazing... opens up goods opportunities fpr students through guests from industry and real projects...

542: +1.924

Really Good Real world examples Very helpful assignments Interesting Exam pattern Overall : Very good

543: +.671

Good assignments Good case studies

544: +.289

She's the best!

545: -.245

Very weak voice (many already complained). Sometimes, it's just better to look at the code than listening because you just don't understand him. Do not expect to learn in class easily because you have to read the material beforehand. Otherwise, it will be even harder for you to understand his explanations.

546: +.480

He is nice and all but needs to improve his explanations a bit. His accent also makes him harder to understand.

547: +.693

Lectures are great and Kevin is very reasonable and overall nice.

548: +.397

The best professors in Illinois tech. The professor cares about students and values the feedback from students. Also, great lectures. There are really interesting.

549: +.169

One of the best professors at IIT! It's a research type class. The professor and the TA are outstanding and make the class very interactive.

550: +.429

Kevin is one of the best or the best professor at IIT. His notes are very comprehensive like his lectures. Quizzes and exams are tricky but if your concepts are clear then you have nothing to worry about.

551: +.990

Excellent professor

552: +.516

One of the best professors I have had at IIT. Very approachable and always trying to make the class more interesting and interactive.

553: +.408

Great prof. I would recommend him 1000%

554: +.636

Great professor.

555: +.495

Prof Boliske is an amazing CS professor. His lectures are short, sweet and to the point and always bakes in a lot of time for questions. Outside of class, he always responds to emails very quickly and is very flexible with you, and exams/homeworks/projects are always graded very clearly (with feedback).

556: +.424

He is a solid instructor that breaks down the material. He was really good about answering any questions and explaining content. He tries to make the class enjoyable and is really understanding if you can't make a class/lab/exam for a good reason. He stays late after class to answer questions and gives very clear outlines with grading criteria.

557: -.185

Conveys the material very systematically, is very specific as to what he expects his students to know(for tests). His homework is of easy/medium difficulty(i.e., if you can figure it out on your own, you know the basics) but his exams have programs of high difficulty, you might have trouble if you don't rigorously practice your programming

558: +.256

Good lectures. Labs weren't too hard. Tests weren't too hard content wise, but the time given was barely enough to finish if you worked quickly (though this will have probably changed in future classes).

559: +.682

Great Lectures, Good on Clarity and excellent work.... Could Learn a lot form the homeworks

560: +.813

Good Professor

561: +.345

She is good in teaching and very liberal. I advise my fellow students to opt her

562: +.333

Professor Culotta is an awesome professor that manages to teach you Ph.D. level concepts at an introductory level. This was his first-year teaching CS100 (normally he teaches higher level courses) but nonetheless, he was laid back and taught you things beyond the scope of the class at an elementary level!

563: .000


564: +.474

Awesome course, Awesome professor! He is may be the best at IIT. Very knowledgeable. Assignments and tests were bit tough but this course will teach you a lot of stuff. Highly recommended course under him.

565: +.615

Professor Culotta is one of the best professors i've had at IIT. He genuinely cares about his students. His class is very well organized and interesting. Lectures are easy to follow and assignments are well planned. Go to every class and you'll learn a lot of about OSNA and Data mining

566: +.453

Dr. Culotta is a very nice lecturer. Not only he teaches a good course, but also a very kind person. Highly recommended.

567: .000

There for you

568: +.287

Assignments reinforced the class lectures. Teaching is good. Always clear any doubts. Contents are properly organised and coherent. I will recommend this class if anyone interested in social network analysis.

569: +.056

Overrated professor. Things have changed over time. Course work as prescribed by university is good but grading criteria for assignments and exams have gone for a toss. Teaching is not very appreciable.

570: +.308

Coolest Prof at IIT. 1. Assignments are awesomely designed to reinforce the material 2. Teaches ML just through intuition 3. He is a liberal grader Over all, the ideal professor at IIT

571: +.990

Awesome Prof. Highly recommended

572: +.327

He is really good and he explains nearly everything about the exams and for the homework too.

573: +.070

Before I say anything, you have to understand that this review isn't being written out of spite. He is a terrible professor, period. Terrible not in the sense that his teaching is bad, terrible in that he doesn't teach anything. You will be paying approximately $350 per class over the course of a semester. Might as well set the money on fire.

574: +.056

Always unclear about his requirements, pushing hard on project and expect us to deliver the final project one month before the final week!? Looks like he thought everyone in his class only took his course for his semester and can work 24 hours a day and 7 days a week on the big project...

575: -.144

Classes are boring. He just opens up the code everytime and do nothings. TA dont reply at all. Always makes slides from developers android and teaches that only.

576: +.365

Homeworks & in-class assignments throughout the semester with occasional quizzes. Classes were a bit boring but course was interesting (Android). Grades are not curved. Project must be appealing (more UI) to get good grades, however focus is more on documentation rather. Ensure you score full in homework assignments.

577: +.361

Really easy class. He gives you enough chances at extra credit to make up for all your scores. Practice what he's done in class and you'll get those points in the exam. Exams are open notes, open laptop. Programming assignments are fun and really interesting. 11/10 would take another class with him.

578: +.289

He is great

579: +.077

Boring prof, but easy A. She'll deduct heavy points if you: don't participate a decent amount, and skip class. HW are on the readings she assigns for every lesson (10-20 pages of reading). I read every second page, or even just 4 pages. Tests based on her discussion questions in class 100%. Essays need a bit of work, take this part seriously-ish.

580: +.377

Incredibly easy teacher -- as long as you do the work that she asks you to do and are reasonably proficient in writing, you will receive an A.

581: +.277

Saha is the best. His english is hard to understand but it's ok once you get used to it. He has some hilarious examples in class. He's a very quirky guy but that makes him funny

582: -.295

Taking Saha for CS331 was not ideal. His lectures were quite boring at times as sometimes he would spend a lot of time on relatively minor things. Seems to lack confidence. Takes too many questions during class (should refer students to offixe hours instead) and thus everyone who follows perfectly is bored out of their mind.

583: -.078

I spent the whole semester watching Youtube videos on every single topic that he tried to teach in the class. The material is not easy. And every time when I had a question, he was showing me his slides (that are taken from other websites). The exams were graded by TA, which was very weird. No help on the project. Absence of clear grading policy

584: -.087

Worse professor !!! If you are favorite of him you will get hime. Try to avoid him.

585: -.218

Language barrier, difficult to understand. Ask a question and he may ramble on unintelligibly instead of admitting he doesn't know. Do NOT ask about advanced topics. HW and lectures are from re-used slides, textbook is rarely used. Not a nice person, very rude and grades based on who he likes or dislikes. AVOID

586: +.635

He can sometimes be hard to understand, but is always willing to help you. He is funny and engages with the class well. Not a tough grader, but does expect you to put your best foot forward. Overall, great experience!

587: -.124

Hard to understand, you don't need to go to lecture because you are not going to understand anything. He is a nice guy, but not a good professor.

588: +.272

Professor Saha is alright. He relies on power-points a lot, but genuinely wants to engage with the class. His homework assignments were very straightforward and didn't require ridiculous amounts of time to complete. If you did the homework and reviewed lecture slides you could pass the exam just fine.

589: +.045

The professor gives most of the gradings to the TA. If you get a TA named (Aswin Kumar Jeevan), do not take the class. He is the worst kind of TA ever. He grades super harsh and expect lose your A. The class itself is a practical class, yet finals tested on definitions. BIG NO!

590: +.319

I liked his lectures. He covered the overview of all trending and hyped big data technologies. He used presentations, research articles and books for covering various topics. He has solid grip over the topics and very kind and helpful. His assignments are straight forward and easy. He will give one research paper or project in the end.

591: +.500

Awesome Professor in IIT.

592: +.358

Final exam should be easier than midterm, even if you fall below the AVG line in the midterm, you still have a chance to get an A, if you show a major progress in the final. For homework, you can borrow some from last semester ^.^ And don't worry about grades, he will take care of it.

593: +.189

One of the best professors in IIT.

594: +.353

Textbooks are free versions. Forces you to learn more than lecture or book covered.

595: +.592

Excellent professor, I have taken up 2 courses under him and I am impressed with his teaching skills which would give us a strong understanding of the concepts. Good grades are guaranteed if progress is shown.

596: +.749

Great teachings and the best choice if you want a strong understanding of the fundamentals!

597: +.016

Don't take him, his not good at teaching this subject as he is rambling every-time and scratching everywhere during the class. The only way I survive is to read through the whole textbook and group working on homework. If you accidentally take with him, please switch to Vijay Gurbany's session, otherwise you put you on yourself on the edge.

598: +.508

Amazing professor. If you want to learn basics of data mining, this could be your best bet. Don't worry about grades, he will take care of it.

599: +.392

I've never written here about any prof, but Prof. Hale is one of those profs who teach exactly what you need to understand the material. If you didn't get something, Prof. Hale follows the textbook pretty closely. The textbooks are not req. he provides you with excerpts of required reading. Great professor overall and would choose again.

600: +.070

Even though I didn't get a good grade in his class. I still recommend him as a professor because he provide you with everything you need to succeed. I just wasn't a good student and wished I had completely my assignments.

601: +.320

I was the lucky guy to take Pro. Hale's CS350. His lecures are amazing, but you'd better read the book before you come to class. He is also so damn skillfull, knowledgable and professional. Labs are interestsing, Pro. Hale's also makes the final project easy to follow, just get started early, or you will be sry.

602: +.363

Hale teaches an incredible intro to computer architecture. Every lecture had something interesting. He's a very interesting dude. The final project is difficult, but fun. Make sure you take notes and go to office hours if you don't understand something. The labs, quizzes, and tests require a deep understanding of the material.

603: +.265

Probably one of the best professors I've had. The material is hard and easy to get lost in but if you attend class, he does very well to make sure you understand. He works out concepts and problems on the board which is why it is recommended to attend lectures. There was two quizzes, two tests, and a final project.

604: +.211

I would say he is the best and coolest Professor I have never met in IIT. Knowledgeable, skillful, programming assignment is not trivial, but he always explains everything that you need to know to finish it and afterward you learnt a lot. He gives you all the detail of work that you need to do and he always ready for asking your questions. Take it.

605: +.146

If you Want to build an Operating System or would like to you should take his class.

606: +.139

If you want to build systems then he is the professor you want.

607: +.550

Coolest professor ever. Research oriented, very highly skilled..!!

608: +.458

Extremely knowledgeable and helpful. Labs can be difficult especially if you aren't used to C. Start the final project a month in advance, you'll be glad you did.

609: +.195

The course is quite difficult. Its very easy to get lost if you missed something from previous lecture. But Professor Kyle is doing pretty good job explaining very abstract material to students. His lectures are very engaging.

610: +.466

Kyle C. Hale is one of the best at IIT. His lectures are astonishingly well put together for a person teaching the course for the first time. He quite obviously cares a great deal about the subject that he is teaching us, and his enthusiasm is quite contagious. This atmosphere naturally pushes you to work hard to fully understand the material.

611: +.955

Very Good

612: +.012

From Fall 2018, the attendance is mandatory, u have 2 sign in before class and sign out after class. This is a pretty good online class rather than wasting yr time in class.

613: +.075

Too easy IMO. I think you'd have to try pretty hard not to get an A.

614: +.109

if you never had any type of exposure to CS skip this professor. When you move to CS 116 professor are more hands-on and expect you to know how to compline using the command line and not just eclipse. Also he does not have office hrs which makes it hard to get help.

615: +.227

Amazing professor and his classes were Interactive with lots of examples related to the topic. He also provides sample code which is related to assignments and it helps.

616: +.089

One of the best professors I've had at this school. His lectures are engaging and full of useful information about all aspects of android development. He is very thorough and covers all annoying bugs with android that he comes across and how to fix them. There is no final, only 6 assignments with plenty of extra credit. All his demo code is online.

617: +.227

Hands down the best class I've taken in my grad program. The lectures are clear and concise. All the code covered in class is available on BlackBoard in clearly named modules. There are 6 assignments in the course; no exams. The assignments are fun to do and are the best part of the course. Attendance is mandatory. You will be missed professor!

618: +.191

For a saturday course Prof Hield made the topics covered very interesting and informative. He makes off .5% of your final grade for each missed class but offers plenty of extra credit on homework assignments. The only grading criteria is 5-6 homework assignments (android apps) no midterm/final. I've learned a lot through this class.

619: -.107

His quizzes and exams are what brings down the grade. He's an okay teacher, but his tests are terrible. He gave out a practice midterm and posted solutions for studying, then put several of the same problems on the exam. Except the solutions he gave were wrong, so everyone had the wrong answer. He thought it was funny, did not give credit.

620: -.084

Class often starts after a delay, most times 10-30 minutes after scheduled start, even though all students are in class waiting. Lectures do not seem very thought out.

621: +.277

Very awesome lecture. His CS 550 advanced operating system is go to subject in System core set. I would advice everyone to take this subject

622: +.154

He was super inconsistent about attendance policies, the types of assignments, grading, quizzes and pretty much everything else. His lectures were not helpful at all but the powerpoints (which were made by another professor) could be useful. Demands respect in class and made the classwork way harder than it needed to be.

623: +.224

His first semester teaching so he has a lot to learn, but he really cares about his students. Attend class, ask questions. He pays attention to the students that put in the effort, and is more likely to round their grade in the end. Office hours are super helpful; he doesn't give you the answers but he gives you all the tools to solve it.

624: -.056

Teaching wise, he is so confusing professor. Lectures are useless, A LOT of class materials. 2 assignments every week. assignments most of the times don't relate to the class at all. Class notes are bad and useless. I really don't know how such professor teach grad level courses?!. Don't believe me? try take a course with him. He is nice though.

625: +.336

I think professor is really good. She is a nice person. And she gave a lot of extra credit homework. And we can learn a lot of things in this class. Therefore, i would recommend to take this class. But this is still a tough class, learning MIPS is really hard.

626: +.587

Lectures are a bit confusing, but better than the explanation from the books. Very accessible outside class. Also helpful with feedbacks, and will make sure you understand the lectures. Extra credits are helpful.

627: +.078

At times hard to understand, and I never really learned much. Was able to write down as much as I knew on tests and quizzes (which was mostly wrong), but she still gave me enough credit to get an A or B most of the time.

628: +.207

Shes a new teacher, shes open to any feedback or any advice to make the lecture better and more useful, she follows slides in class. Cs115 is a 2 h credit so lectures are short & there is barley any time to explain the material. She tries to test codes in class to show how it works, but again the class is only 50min. Even labs are short

629: +.304

Professor Tannous is a new professor, so she is always open for feedback. Opportunities for extra credit are offered, and she has explained that the points will indeed count as extra credit. If you've been participating during lectures and going to office hours, she'll give your grade that extra bump if you need it.

630: +.241

Professor Tannous is extremely knowledgeable on her topic of teaching. Her method of teaching is mostly looking at slides and being given examples during lecture. She is a first year teacher, therefore her temperament is shy and understanding her may be difficult at times. Tests are not difficult, she does give a lot of chances for extra credit

631: +.030

She doesn't understand grading systems and how extra credit works as she would just add the points that were meant to be 'extra credit' to the total score, e.g a quiz that was on 10 points with 3 'extra credit points' was graded upon 13 and not 10.

632: +.164

Big Attitude. Doubt he knows a lot. Made some good money here and there and is kind of a bigshot in the looserly CS dept. Exams/projects are *theoritically* related to the concepts. But he does not teach concepts very well in class. So good luck.... You probably have heard his reputation from others in the school. Try to avoid if you want to learn.

633: -.097

Completely unclear,unplanned about contents he presents. Takes sadistic pleasure in giving work. All effort is oriented towards making things easy for himself, does not even grade correctly. Overlooks cheating and copying cases. Absolutely unapproachable.